Sunday, May 5, 2013

Every Day In May - Blog Love

Today is all about blogs that I love. I have a few. Not that I know these people, but I religiously read their blogs.

No. 1  Tiny Green Elephants. A family with one womb child and two heart children from Russia. I've never seen anyone so upbeat, positive and loving. I often end up in tears.

No. 2  Miss Copy Cat. She inspires me to be crafty and try new projects. Love her creativity! :)

No. 3  Sidewalk Shoes.  Pam is awesome. She declares herself a food blogger, but in reality she is an awesome photographer, cat lover, wine enjoyer, avid reader, and one heck of a chef.  I also follow her photography website, Sidewalk Shoes 365.

No. 4  Costal Charm.  Man, I'd love to have this sense of style in my house.  Love it!

I'm sure there are plenty others but I'm tired, running short on time in this day, and I'm typing on a phone. So I'll add the rest tomorrow! :)  (I did add a few - and fixed my link!)

1 comment:

  1. The Miss Copy Cat link didn't work. Wahh, cause I wanna check out the blog.


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