Thursday, May 2, 2013

Every Day in May - Pintrest Projects

I love this. Now, let me just say I'm not positive this is actually salt dough, but according to Pintrest, it is a simple salt dough with metallic paint.  Which must be cheaper than the silver one I had priced out at over $45. And I like this better because it's simple.

So according to Pintrest, here is a salt dough recipe:

2 c flour
1 cup salt
cold water

mix until play dough consistency.  Make your shape and then bake at 250 for 2 hours.
Spray paint when you are done.

The more I look at this the less I believe it's salt dough. How did they get the ring for the cord to go through in the back?? Hmm... Whatever, I may try it. If I do, you'll know about it.

I have bought some air dry clay to try and make ornaments for Macy's first birthday giveaways.  I want bunnies, with some kind of texture... I'd love to stamp the children's names across the belly to make it personalized.  It's a project that MAY happen this weekend. Then again, I MAY clean my house!

And thankfully, I have the supplies I need to get cracking on these two custom scrapbooks ordered from my Etsy store, Pressed Clovers. I'm excited. :)

Gosh, that bunny up there is cute! And this lady doesn't have them on her Etsy anymore! But they are adorable.  Found it on Pintrest, of course (and don't you hate it when the link doesn't work or the item is gone!? ARGH!).  She does have this, however, which is super cute.

Super cute canvas can be found here!
I think I'd go beyond a simple "super cute" and call it "super duper cute!"  She must be crazy crafty and talented.  Lucky her!

Anyway, ya'll wish me luck on the bunny ornaments and I'll see you here tomorrow!

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