Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Every Day in May: Favorites

I couldn't keep away from today's Blog Every Day in May posting:  A listing of my favorite blog posts from this blog! :)  Immediately two favorites came to mind.

First, the post where my sweet niece made it home from the hospital!

The second post that came to mind is the before and after pictures of my house remodel!  
Serious changes in my little cottage. We took it down to the studs and started over. :) 

This was probably the hardest article I have ever written and I cried the entire way through it. But it did have good pieces, just a tough one to share. 

In 2012, I finally learned to give thanks. Not just for the great things, but in all things.

And today, as we pray for the people of Oklahoma and the long road they have ahead of them... those who have lost their precious loved ones, their homes... I remembered seeing Alabama two weeks after their tornadoes.

Those are some of my favorites, or at least ones that came to mind with this prompt today. Enjoy!

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