Friday, May 24, 2013

Friday's Letters

Dear Veterans, Thank you so much for your service to our country.  It's thanks to YOU that we have the freedoms and the way of life that we do in the US and I am so thankful to you and your families - past, present and future.

I'm not sure why she turned into a werewolf when the
camera flash flickered - but here you go. 

Dear Macy, you have been so entertaining this week! And you are so smart - learning something new every single day.  Today, it was Phew! And you are saying flower, bunny, mama, daddy, pawpaw, ball, and so much more.  We are getting ready for your birthday!!! :) :)

Beautiful Weather - I'M SO EXCITED TO SEE YOU!  I'm ready for some cool, dry weather with big puffy clouds and blue skies. YAYAYAY! Not that I'll go outside in it, nay nay. But it makes me happier knowing it outside my window.

Paulene, I'm so excited to see you this weekend!! :)  {check out her blog here - she rocks with her bad self. And her super cool stationary and invivitations}.  I am on a mission to totally clean my house before you get here. ACK!

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Dear Bloglovin', I resisted you.  I didn't want to learn anything new about blogging. I wanted to rock along and sing my sing (with Pete the cat) and didn't want to learn your ways.  But I'm slowly getting there and appreciating bits and pieces of you. *sigh*

Ok peeps, have a safe long weekend, hug a veteran or current troop, and have fun!! :) :)  Link up with the rest of the cool kids over a Ashley's place!


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