Monday, May 13, 2013

Every Day in May: Miss You.

Me, Mom and Grandma on Mother's Day

Ohh... how ironic that this prompt fell on Mother's Day.  I didn't do it on Mother's Day (obviously) but believe it or not, it was on my mind throughout the day.  I was missing my Grandmother, my sweet Grandma.  She was hardy, sturdy, dependable, loving, kind, Christ-following, southern, sweet Grandma.  I adored her.  I still adore her and tell God frequently to tell her hello for me and that I still love and miss her. She was good - I never once heard her speak ugly of someone. Sometimes you knew what she thought simply because she didn't speak.

I got off the bus at her house every day. I stopped by and visited with her and Grandaddy, picked up our mail and walked on home to my house (directly behind her house).  I was there after breaking my arm (in a fight, different story), when our little dog, Whiskers, kept barking at the front of the house, then running to the back of the house. Grandma finally got up to see what the dog was trying to tell us - only to find the backyard in flames!

Man, I miss her. I miss seeing her sitting by the window and watching traffic. I miss her telling me I had a letter from New Jersey in the mail today and waiting patiently for me to open it and tell her the details of my letter.  I miss her telling me to get a cookie from the kitchen. And for whatever reason, it seemed to be more this year than ever.

The other person I seriously miss, my best friend's husband, Daryl.  He passed four years ago today.  He and Donna would come over every Monday to the house, play games and eat dinner. It was very much the best days ever - this foursome playing spades, Trivial Pursuit, we kinda banned Monopoly because SOMEONE was so competitive... it was just awesome.  Can't believe he is gone. He was kinda quiet at time, funny, smart and totally devoted to his wife. Loved her like crazy. They were a great couple together. I envied them, wanting to have what they had.  He's so very very very much missed.

So this was a downer kind of prompt. :(  But it did bring back such good memories of two wonderful people. Check out the button on the right to see who other people missed this weekend.

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