Monday, May 6, 2013

Every Day in May: My Life. 250 Words. {Playing Catch-up}

So I totally screwed up the first several day and now I'm going to catch up on those. :)
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My life. 250 words.

Fairytale childhood, not in material things, but in love. Two great parents. Two great siblings. Both married funny spouses and I have two nieces. It’s beginning to sound a bit like Noah’s Ark…

Graduated college. Worked interesting jobs. Stayed in touch with friends but enjoyed making new ones.

Had ups and downs in relationships but remain single.  It’s me and the cat. Suffer from one slightly broken heart but realize it would have been crushed if we had tried to make it work.

 Love my house (my great-grandmother’s home), love my family, enjoy my job, follow Christ. Work to improve every day, to become a better person.

Friendly, outgoing, but don’t  seem to fit in with any one group.  Have learned to be ok with that. Soft hearted. Hard-headed. Opinionated.  Cry at sappy songs, commercials, movies and news stories about deployed soldiers surprising their kids at school.

Really like funny cat videos. And grumpy cat. Enjoy the simple things in life, like the beauty in my drive to and from work, an amazing starry night, the leaves in autumn, my rose bushes in spring, the awesomeness of the mountains and the sounds of the ocean.

Jeans and t-shirt gal with no make-up and wet hair pulled into a ponytail.  Would rather spend time with someone special than make them wait while I get ready – let’s go! Flip flops ALL THE WAY.

Pretend to be grown up and mature but let’s get real, are any of us, really?!

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