Wednesday, May 29, 2013

So I disappeared for a while. ... ...

Happy Birthday to my BFF, Donna! Woop woop! I'm not sure she's had a GREAT day, so we'll just have to make up for it on Friday when we celebrate with some Japanese Steakhouse. YUM!

I'm so sorry I totally ditched ya'll for a while there.  I'm back! Sorta back, at least. :)  Where have I been? Well...

Saturday: I cleaned my house like a maniac. A friend was coming to visit who had never seen my house and there was NO WAY I was leaving it like it was. Oh no. So I about put myself in traction from cleaning. Partied that night with coworkers and just had a blast. It really was great hanging out and visiting. And you know what - we didn't even talk shop. (SHOCKER!) How cool is it that I like them enough to see them outside of work?? 

Sunday: I went to church. Partied with some family to celebrate a birthday. And I cleaned like a maniac and almost killed myself thanks to my body hurtin' so bad from cleaning the day before. Yes, I vow to never let this happen again. I love my house, so I need to take better care of it. 

Monday: My friends visited! Oh yay, it was great! I miss Paulene, she's so creative and trendy and smart and talented. Her husband is hilarious and smart and together they are a trip. We went to the Clock to eat (I LOVE ME SOME CLOCK) and visited forever. After the tour of my house, of course. Muffin refused to come out, but she sent her love. (cough cough).  That night, my family cooked out and it was sooooo very tasty. 

Tuesday: I took an extra day off to just get stuff done. Ended up taking Macy to the DR with mom. Dropped off some of Macy's clothes at a consignment shop (Go shop at the Painted Pony!!!) Went shopping. Worked on scrapbooks. Watched some tv. Read on my phone. Just relaxed and I really needed that. 

So that is what I've been doing since I ditched ya'll. I'm so sorry. To make up for it, let me share some pictures with you. 

Of course, a picture of Sweet Niece. She's "Jumping" on my bed. :)

It's hay season in the South. You see tractors chugging along and these big hay bales in just about every field.  No rain predicted until Monday, so everyone is in a rush to cut, rake and bale before more rain comes through.  

I have no idea - I was driving and trying to take a picture of something. This is what I ended up with. 

My original caption to this was, "Nothing like a cold Sun Drop on a hot day from McGill's store."  My penpal in NY asked what a Sun Drop was. :)  It's kinda like a Mt. Dew, but better. It's a local thing, or maybe a regional thing, but I think it's bottled not far from home. It's tasty. 

So there, I hope you enjoyed the random pictures and I'll try my best to do better.  I do plan on posting a tutorial either this weekend or at the beginning of next week for a craft project I did recently. So stay tuned for that! :)  Thanks ya'll!!

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