Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Every Day in May: Oops.

Oops. Looks like I did THIS particular assignment when I should have just chosen one moment before... so the link to today's assignment, done last week, is here.

Today, I will do the one moment thing that I should have done on before. Sorry. :)

Enjoy the messiness that is my desk. It's totally trashed right now. Not sure why, but eh, it's all good. I'll get it straightened up Friday.Notice the McDonald's tea cup. My life blood. And if you'll remember, I'm trying to THINK before I speak - so I turned our post-it note board into my reminder.

Back to life:

Today Dad went back to the doctor and unfortunately we didn't exactly receive the news we were looking for concerning his bladder cancer.  He'll have to go back in for another biospy at the end of the month and start treatments again.  The number of treatments (three or six) depends on what the biopsy says. So please say a prayer for him.  It's tough, you know? But how thankful we are that we even know about it and he is in treatment! This could be much worse.

I never posted about Mother's Day. We had a really nice Mother's Day - my sister's first as a Baby Mama Mother and not just a step-mother. My niece AH was home on Friday to wish her a happy mother's day, so that was very special. Katie and I took care of the Sunday meal and it was a FEAST. I tried my hand at an Italian Creme Cake and I gotta say, it was good! I messed up over and over again and it still turned out super tasty!

Macy, after a good long nap, was a sweetie and we took a million pictures of her. Here are just a few...

Folks, I'm worn slap out. I was going to do another post today, but instead I'm going to head home to cook dindin for mom, dad and me. Burritos anyone? :)  Thanks for your prayers and I'll see you back here tomorrow.

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