Friday, June 22, 2012


This beautiful, sweet, loving, adorable baby girl is HOME.

We know there have been prayers going up for Macy and the families and we thank you.  So many wonderful things came to be from the difficulties - Katie & Roger met the most wonderful doctors and nurses in the pediatric unit. Those folks were just a blessing to them and Macy.  One doctor in particular took this family under her wing and made things happen that will help them out immensely. 

The beginnings of this child's life were a bit rough. Yes, it could have been so much more difficult. And, it could have been much easier.  But I keep reminding myself, "All things happen for a reason."  Dad quoted one of my favorite Bible versus in the hospital the other day, "And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to His purpose."  Romans 8:28

I look forward to seeing this beautiful baby grow, to see what she will be called to do in this life.  Thank you to everyone person who paused for a prayer - your prayers were heard and answered! God is good and He is ALWAYS there, no matter the trials and troubles you are facing. :) 


  1. Oh Macy...I gasped when I saw the picture with her eyes open. So beautiful. And such red lips. You have such a gorgeous niece. So happy to hear that she's home and doing so much better.

  2. :) she is a night owl, checking everything out and keeping her mama up all night. So thankful she's home. She is so pretty! I can't wait for you to meet her!


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