It's All About Me.

My sister and I ready to totally embarras sweet niece #1 in the Christmas parade!

Want to know more about the girl behind the blog?  Feel free to ask questions, but here are just a few things you may not know about me. :)

I'm a family-oriented gal from rural South Carolina.  I haven't married yet, although I'm pushing forty pretty hard.  At some point in life, I had to adjust my plans for what life would look like simply because that's not how life worked out.  I'm blessed to have a wonderful Mom and Dad who have been married for over forty years, an older brother and sister-in-law, younger sister and brother-in-law, and two sweet nieces.

I live in my great-grandmother's home that I totally remodeled when my sister (and housemate!) married and I needed a place to live! I love my little house, a perfect size for just me.  I'm so proud of how it turned out and thankful to my family for all their work!

I have a hobby on Etsy called Pressed Clovers.  It also has a blog and Facebook page that you are welcome to link up to, if you wish.  At the Etsy store, you can purchase premade scrapbooks in different themes (Christmas, Birthday, Baby, Beach, Teenager, etc) or shower gift registry books.  On the facebook page and blog, you'll also find other crafts that I attempt.  You never know what I'll try, but if it turns out good I'll also include a tutorial.

And more important that anything, I'm a child of God's, a person of faith who is always making mistakes but growing each day, as well.  I don't have all the answers, but I do have faith. Is it tested? Of course. Do I always pass? Of course not! I'm not perfect.  But God loves me despite it all. :)  So thankful!

So that's me in a nutshell.  Enjoy the blog and drop me a comment or a line anytime. :)

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  1. Hi Beth! I, too, am a Southern Gal living in SC. It's a small world. Came here from Friday's Letters. Nice to "meet" you!


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