Monday, February 28, 2011

You didn't think I'd forget!

Of course I remember that it's Muffin Monday!! Sorry, today has been a ... well, a Monday! :)  So I'll make it up to you by bringing you not another picture of Muffin, but a picture of a special guest!

Welcome Allie and Chloe, my furry nieces (my sister's cats). They are pretty skittish of strangers, although Chloe is more likely to let you pick her up.  They have a tendency to turn over the trash can to forage for treats and pounce on their owners in the middle of the night. 

Meet Allie!

And her sister, Chloe!

They are incredibly cute together.  If they get out of each other's sight for too long, one will start "crying" for the other, until she comes running to show she's ok. Seriously - sisterly love! (ok, not blood sisters, but obviously, they don't care about that!). 

My drive home today was a bit interesting, as a huge storm was barreling down on me quickly. I had the windows partially down to enjoy the cool air and fresh air smell burnt leaves smell.  But WOW were those clouds boiling in from the West.  That line of severe storms came through just as I was hopping onto my porch.  I ended up unplugging half the electronics in my house, the lightening was so fierce.  Muffin and I huddled on the bed (ok, Muffin about shredded me to get out of the bed and crawl under it), but we are safe and sound now!

My drive home. More driving and picture taking!
Ya'll have a great week, enjoy visiting with Allie and Chloe and I'll see you back here tomorrow! :)

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Signs of Spring & Weekend Wants

I noticed it first earlier this week, peek-a-boo glimpses of yellow among the dried up brown and grey colors in my back yard.  Hints of color just teasing me into believing Spring in on the way.

Today, in the crazy hot weather for February, I tromped around my yard looking for other signs that might verify that, yes indeed - Spring is on the way!  I'm so excited so I'll share them with you.

My Yellow belles (or however you spell it)

Grandma Dover's Daffodils

New Growth on the Pear Tree


My Clover!

I'm excited. Soon I'll be getting plants into the ground and making the area around my house look pretty. Granted, I want something low maintenance because I hate working in the yard, so we'll see what I end up with. :)

Now, on to my Weekend Wants.  This weekend, I'm crossing my fingers for success.  I mentioned I had purchased four scrapbooks. I'm going to assemble them into the Shower Registry Books that I create and try selling them to the general public soon.  I will post the link here as soon as I am up and running. It will be a few weeks, because I'm shipping one to my friend, Paulene, of Leen Machine, for her to look and and suggest improvements. SUCCESS is what I want! :)

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Too much, Too soon.

The sun setting on my way home
from shopping today
I thought I was up to going out for a few hours today and taking advantage of the shopping coupons mom had received in the mail. I was not. But I didn't discover that until it was much too late. I am looking forward to face-planting into my pillow within the next 10 minutes.

I did enjoy some great deals though! A new purse, some shirts for AH, 4 scrapbooks I'm going to work up and put up for sale (you'll see them at a future date), some cool scrapping paper, art kits for AH and cat food. What did I forget in all of this? Kleenex. How I forgot, I cannot say, but I came home without Kleenex. *sigh*

Birthday Girl!
 After shopping way too much, it was time to CELEBRATE the birthday girl's 9th birthday!! I haven't been around nine-year-olds very much, but I'd say she was very happy with her gifts. The painting for her room seemed to thrill her! And she was so very excited to get her plate that she'd drawn (Mak-it Plates). We also served her cake on the new "family birthday plate," which we'll use for everyone's birthday cake from now on. 

Her favorite gift BY FAR were the rocket balloons. It came with an air pump that you slide the long skinny balloons onto, pump them up and then let them loose to fly all over the room. While they are flying, they make the most annoying, high pitched, evil squealing noise that makes you want to scream, which is why she likes it so much, I'm sure. We all played with those balloon things until everyone was exhausted from pumping them up. This will be continued tomorrow, as she left them at my parents' house. :)

I was so glad she liked the handmade gifts as much as the store bought ones. She was tickled pink by having something with her name on it, and seemed to be even happier that it was painted by me for her. I wasn't sure if she'd like the store-bought gifts more? You just never know with kids. But she was really great, showing appreciation for each and every present. She's a great kid. I'm so glad God brought her into our family, and really hate we missed the first several years.

The party excitement has drained me. Off to take vitamins (although you can't see that they are doing a dang thing to help me!) and other meds before crashing! Sweet dreams, imaginary friends! :)

Friday, February 25, 2011

Timely Investment.

I'm investing all my savings into Kleenex Anti-Viral Tissues. I know once I'm done with this cold, I'll have tripled all my money. I suggest you do the same. But act quickly before I manage to kick this crap.

On second thought, you probably have plenty of time. But the quicker you act, the more money you'll make. Starting tomorrow when I visit Wal-Mart and stock up (once again) for the home and office.

Thank you. That is all my advice for tonight.

Thursday, February 24, 2011


All day today I thought it was Friday. I mean, seriously, why am I getting my days confused?? Makes no sense. And I was not happy to find out it was Thursday.

Not that I had a bad Thursday. Although I was supposed to do dinner and a play at our local college with Sara, she caught the sore throat crud and had to cancel.  So... Dinner with Donna. Then Dessert with Gary. :)  Two friends in one night  - couldn't be a bad thing!

I think I was rushing through today because tomorrow AH comes home! My wonderful step-niece who turns 9-years-old today. So this weekend we'll be celebrating her birthday with the gifts I made her (the artwork with her name, her Mak-it Plate and the card!). Can't wait! So maybe that's why I rushed right through Thursday to get to Friday!

With the remains of Yummy Clock and Yummy Mountain View Family Restaurant floating around in my tummy, I think I'll head to bed. :) Happy Friday TOMORROW ya'll!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I'm Dreaming...

Sunrise with Pop
...of warm sandy beaches and beautiful sunrises! We have the annual family beach trip planned! I'm very excited to have something to look forward to - especially since we missed this trip last year.  With the wedding and the house remodel, there was no way we could get away in the middle of it all. I assure you, I can tell I skipped vacation last year, making this year even more exciting! :) 
Dad riding the range...

Personally, I'm not a beach bum. I fry up like a lobster within minutes. Yes, I use the good stuff, slather it on thick and 30 minutes before sun rays touch my sugar white skin. But I'm an auburn haired gal and it just comes with the territory. So I usually roll around in the sand for a bit and then move indoors with Dad. Because he enjoys the AC about as much as I do. He "rides the range" with his Western book while I have my girlie trash novel. It's bliss.  Mom and Katie could live on the beach and do for hours on end. 

I was going through some pics from years past and remembered this awesome old cemetery we stumbled upon one afternoon. This one part of the cemetery had few headstones, some markers from the funeral home, but obvious grave outlines with conch shells. Old conch shells, weathered and cracked and broken with grass growing through them. It was actually quite beautiful and a little less sterile than a traditional headstone. More like they were honoring their loved ones with beautiful items from nature - I liked it, it was nice.

Of course I enjoy the sunrises and sunsets, which you can see both really well depending on which part of the island you are standing at.  We try to catch both - with camera ready, of course. :) And it always seems we end up getting caught in a hail storm of massive proportions. Very bizarre and not fun.

But the card games around a table on the screened in porch, cooking on the grill, boiled peanuts from the local produce stand, beach music rockin' from the Ipod, movies in the evenings, and just enjoying each other's company - that's awesome. Totally awesome. Priceless. Worth every moment of sunburn and every grain of sand in my car. It's LOVE! :)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

It Counts. Seriously!

I know, I bring my work into my personal life. It's always been so and I don't really see it changing in the foreseeable future. :)  Sorry!

I work in elections.  I've had two elections in the past 2 weeks, both of which shows the power of a vote.

First - a smaller town council election.  Although there were 5 people in the race, the final results were down to a man and a woman. The man won at the polls.  The woman won the absentee voting.  But because of her 11 absentee votes, she won the overall race by 4 votes. FOUR VOTES. OH MY GOSH.

Tonight's election involved two counties and 5 total candidates.  In this particular race, the winner must win with 50% + 1 of the votes. With five candidates... well, usually that fractures the vote too much and you end up with a run-off two weeks later between the top two candidates.  After all our precincts reported, we called the other county and heaved a HUGE SIGH of RELIEF because one candidate managed to get more than 50% of the votes. NO RUN-OFF! YAY!

The people speak. And history is determined. I love it! And it's so exciting to be part of the process and watch it all unfold in front of your eyes. However, it's also exhausting and can mean some very long nights. Today was a 15 hour work day for a very small election (24 of 89 precincts).  Last general election for a state-wide election - 5:30 a.m. until 3:00 a.m. the next morning. Almost a 24-hour day!!! And we had to be back at work by 8 a.m. - only 5 hours after we left.

So, people. VOTE. SERIOUSLY. VOTE VOTE VOTE every chance you get. Because especially in the smaller elections, one vote can completely change history. :)

Ok, off my soap box and into my bed. Night!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Muffin Monday - and belated Weekend Wants! :)

I'm sorry I'm late. I just knocked out last night and didn't have the energy to pull myself out of bed and write to you. Bad Bethie, I know.

My Muffin Monday - It's a Muffin Roll! Kinda like a Tootsie Roll, but not quite as tasty, I wouldn't think.

Doesn't she just look pathetic? It's such a hard life my kitten has... sleeping in one of two beds all day long, munching on her food, snuggling in my Slanket (Slankets beat Snuggies any day!) Poor pitiful Muffin.

So for my Weekend Wants - I adore this line of ceramic goods called Grasslands Road. I ADORE this stuff.  And they have very different designs for all types of personalities.  Two of my favorites are Bloom and Melody.

I really want this - I think the blue would match the blue in my house.  I have no idea why I haven't just bought it... I keep putting it off.  It's it beautiful?  

Anyway, here is a link that will take you to all kinds of Grasslands Road items on Amazon. And there are many other vendors that carry their products.  Maybe you'll fall in love with them, too!

They really do carry a variety of tastes and items - including holiday items for those of you who collect Christmas or Easter or Halloween, etc.  Enjoy discovering them like I have!

Since I'm still at my office, I think it's time for me to GO HOME! Election Day tomorrow!  :) 

Saturday, February 19, 2011

An Extraordinary Gift.

Earlier this week - on Valentine's Day, actually - I received a surprise gift from Casey in Atlanta.  A beautiful handmade scarf! She had no idea I love scarves and having one done by her just made my day! I have already placed it with my others in the closet - hers is the dark purple on the far right. Beautiful!

In her note, she said her boyfriend's mother (a friend of mine) mailed my column in our local magazine/newspaper to them every month.  I couldn't believe it! Wow. It definitely meant a lot to me, that his parents' thought enough of my articles to send them to GA every month. 

So that got me thinking that I had promised to share my most recent article with you at a later date.  Today is that day! Please understand it was a difficult column to write, and although it's long, please read to the end if you start it. Many thanks.

An Extraordinary Gift

Recent events have brought back memories of my friends, Donna and Daryl, coming to our house on Monday nights for dinner and games. We played everything - poker, Candy Land, Trivial Pursuit, spades - any kind of game we could get our hands on.  And we celebrated everything with a party.  We had princess, pirate, Transformer, and army birthday parties.  We carved pumpkins at Halloween, built gingerbread houses at Christmas, and decorated plates for no other reason than because I wanted us to do it. We enjoyed everything we tried. We were celebrating life. We just didn't think about it in those terms.

In May 2009, life was completely changed in the snap of a finger. With one phone call, we were all rushing to the hospital for Daryl.  I drove from Clover to Spartanburg as fast as I could, but by the time I got there, Daryl was already gone.  Of course, everyone was in shock. At 33, my best friend was now a widow. My good friend was gone - a husband, brother, son, uncle and friend. Life would never be the same.

Not long after we got back to Donna's house from the hospital, a phone call came in from a group asking to speak to Donna about organ and tissue donation. Holy cow, I was ticked. Here is someone who has just lost her husband in a very unexpected manner, and these people are upsetting her even more! Yeah, I understand the logistics of time and what they were doing, but I didn't care (then). It was a very hard decision that had to be made immediately, and it just made the reality of Daryl's death a little too real at that moment.  Donna thought on it, asked a few questions (like if they could still have an open casket - yes, they could), and she said, "Yes. Yes, I agree to let my husband be an organ and tissue donor."

 I can't imagine her strength at that moment in time.  Even though she knew her life was changed forever, she was able to see a bigger picture and see the good that could come from this one very selfless act.

Fast forward about a year and a half. Donna called me to share a note she'd received from the donor organization (she had to agree to receive this letter).  A little 13-year-old girl somewhere in South Carolina expressed her sympathy at the lost of someone Donna loved, but thanked her for changing her life. Her note was so heartfelt, telling how she can now run and jump and just be a kid - something she was unable to do until she received tissue from a donor. From Daryl.

I tell you, that letter tore me up. It's tearing me up just telling you about it.  Because Donna, despite her incredible grief, could see the good in donation, this sweet girl will have a life that wasn't possible before.  This little girl is celebrating her new life and her new abilities.

 It helps knowing that something good came from something so sad. Donna said she and Daryl had never discussed organ and tissue donation. She wasn't sure he would have agreed. But if he could have seen a letter from someone as sweet as that 13-year-old girl, I know he would have said, "Yes."

Did you know that eight lives can be saved and up to 50 people's lives improved with one person's organ and tissue donation? I'm encouraging you today not to live in fear of the myths surrounding organ and tissue donation. Don't believe the crazy, negative hype that in your heart you know isn't true. Learn the truth.

Every effort is made to save your life. Yes, your family can have an open casket. There is no cost to the family. Although your family cannot reverse your decision to donate, it's only if you're registered as a donor that this matters.  If you aren't registered, your family might no know your wishes. 

As I spoke to Donna before writing this, she asked that I end it with this.  Go to the DMV right now and get that heart put on your driver's license or visit to learn more about donation or to join the online registry.

Make something good happen from something sad and give someone else a life. 


Friends, there was only one Daryl and he is greatly missed. Love your people now while they are here with you! Celebrate everything in life and take a million pictures along the way. :) 

Friday, February 18, 2011

Weekened Cat Blogging

Here is my entry for this week's Weekend Cat Blogging. I call it, "Not Amused."

As in  - Muffin is NOT AMUSED at the empty bird feeder outside her window, which means no entertaining birds fluttering about. Oops! Sorry Muffin!  Thankfully, my dad has been helping out this week. He said Muffin called him and requested that her bird feeder be refilled. I wouldn't put it past her!

Thanks to Samantha, Clementine & Maverick  for hosting this week's Weekend Cat Blogging! :) Ya'll have a great weekend and enjoy the nice weather (if you are in the Southeast! :) )

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Daytime TV

I've taken a few days off from work in an effort to get my back straightened out before next week's election. I've had wonderful people calling and texting to check on my all day, which has made me feel very warm and fuzzy. :) Thanks ya'll.

When my boss called, she asked what I was doing. "Lying flat on my back in bed," I said.  "Do you have a tv in your room?"  "Nope, no tv. But I don't really watch much tv."  "Well, at least it would be some entertainment. Oh wait, you only get about seven channels, so you'd only get Springer and the Young and the Restless." <insert evil laughter here>  lol.

Well, she's right. I don't have cable (doesn't come this far out) and I don't have satellite, so I have the basic channels, of which only three regular networks (CBS, ABC and FOX) come in and three stations of ETV. I did manage to roll myself out of bed to the recliner, where I found out my boss was completely right - Springer and Soaps.

Springer won. And the crappy Springer knock-off after Springer. And Maurey, who is probably worse than both of them.  I finally turned off TV because I felt my IQ slipping so quick I was afraid I wouldn't be able to spell my name by the end of the day if I continued down this path.

Seriously? That's all we have to offer during the day? And really crappy commercials for questionable lawyers, questionable car insurance and questionable ways to decrease debt. And we wonder why America is in a mess? I did flip to ETV, watched some Bob Ross, but decided my meds didn't make me stoned enough to commune with him on his level.  Then there were the shows on the history of China and Spain but I decided to pass. So that was my poor choice.

After one day of resting, I am feeling better - but will still take tomorrow off.  Hopefully I'll find some trash novels I haven't read lately - they do have more intelligence than what I saw today (scary!)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Boyfriend's Back...

When I was a kid, mom had these "oldies" records and I listened to them nonstop. One had the popular song - My Boyfriend's Back. 

I've always been a literal person, so I, being a small kid, thought the girl was singing about her boyfriend's actual back, which made no sense to me, but I would sing and dance to it anyway, having my back to the "audience" aka - the couch - showing off my back. *laugh* Too funny.

I thought of this because I feel like I need to be in a back brace at this point, the pain has gotten so bad. I don't know what a ruptured disc might feel like, but I just can't help but wonder what is going on in there. Tomorrow is a day of lifting heavy machinery, and I want to cry just thinking about it. I'm praying for a solution to appear that will help offset this worry.

I've never sympathized with people who had back pain before, but I've learned my lesson. It completely impacts everything in life. It's horrible. :(  So please say a prayer for me!

And then go dance to some oldies and show off your moves! "My boyfriend's back and your going to be in trouble - hey now... hey now... my boyfriend's back!"

Monday, February 14, 2011

My Daddy.

I remember being a high school kid or so, and my mama saying she worried we wouldn't find a man as good as our daddy to marry.  So far, she's been right. My dad is larger than life because he's one in a million.

Valentine's Day is one of those ways I can prove he's amazing.  Valentine's Day as a single girl can downright suck. But for me, my dad has always been my Valentine, so I'm never left out from the hoopla. I always have a very thoughtful, sincere, handpicked Valentine and a heart of chocolate candy. Always. And at 35, I still have a special Valentine's Day card and candy waiting for me at my parents' house.

This year's card was perfect - one of those cards that brings tears to your eyes. I know how he searches and searches for the JUST RIGHT card for each of us (mom, Katie and me) and he's always right on the money. It's definitely something he takes his time with and puts so much thought and consideration into - and you can always tell.

So until I can find a guy that can sum me up in a Valentine, I guess I'll just remain single. :)

Happy Valentine's Day - to all of you out there! :)   And thanks to the best Daddy in the world - MINE!

Happy Valentine's Day - and Muffin Monday!

Happy Valentine's Day to all my blog readers! I hope your day of love is beautiful and filled with pink and red and hearts and all that jazz! :)

Here is your Muffin Monday - she wants your Valentine! So you better hold on to yours tight!

Yes, my sweet "little" baby still has all her claws! I couldn't even think about declawing her, so she's shredding everything in two houses now. *sigh* But I love her anyway.

How sweet was this? My sister and niece made me this adorable Valentine's Day Cake and decorated it for me! It doesn't get any better than having an 8-year-old for a Valentine! She's the best!

She also made me a Valentine with glittery star stickers for eyes! LOVE IT! It's on my fridge, proudly on display beside the thank you note she wrote to me for her Christmas presents. Treasures.

Ya'll have a great Valentine's day, Happy Monday and a FABULOUS WEEK! Meet me back here tomorrow, ok? :)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Weekend Wants - and Updates

I am excited to finally be able to share with you my Valentines!  I mailed them out this past week and most people have already received them.  I found so much joy in making them, but more joy in seeing how touched some people are to receive a bit of thoughtfulness in the mail. That is what makes it all special to me.

So here are a few examples:

I had all these scraps of paper left over from another project, so I just used them up by gluing them to card stock.  I did have to buy invitation envelopes and they didn't fit right, but who cares? It's the thought that counts.  And I'm too impatient to make my own envelopes. :) I'm so tickled that they brought joy to my friends! I hope this can count in the appreciation lifestyle change - I'm counting it as Appreciating Friends! :)

I greatly appreciate one friend who talked to me tonight until I fell asleep in the bathtub, made me laugh and smile when I needed it without asking any questions.  Thanks friend!! I needed that today! :)

On to my Weekend Wants.  Sometimes I find it hard to think of a Weekend Want because I'm not an overly materialistic person.  But I know one thing I want... LANDSCAPING.  I've been daydreaming of decent landscaping for a while now, waiting for the cold weather to subside and allow me to plant something.  Not saying I enjoy yard word. I. Do. Not. But I do want cuteness.

Here is one thing on my list right now:


Variegated Weigela.  I've never heard of it, but I found a picture in the coupons linking you to this website:  They have all kinds of stuff I daydream of having in my yard one day. *sigh* But this pretty pink plant just seemed to call my name. I might make a row of them against the road- block out traffic noise and look so pretty when I walk out of my door in the mornings! :)

Ok, because I've been struggling for a week with an out-of-whack-back, I'm taking meds and going to bed. Night night!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Weekend Cat Blogging

I'm excited to join Weekend Cat Blogging again this weekend. This is one of my favorite Muffin Moments: She discovered the paper topper from some dry cleaning hangers and thought she should turn it into a boat. Unfortunately, her large and luscious self didn't fit too well!

This cat never fails to make me laugh. Poor thing - she's busting out every which way! LOL!

Thanks to Noli's Mom for hosting this week's Weekend Cat Blogging!

Ya'll have a great weekend! :)
Man, I'm getting old!  I can barely move this morning after having a good night of dinner, music and chatting with my friend, Sara. The music:  Chapter 6 - an a cappella singing group that came to Winthrop University last night as part of their Dinkins Student Union. (I know it's called something else now, but it will forever be Dinkins Student Union in my heart!)  They bring in the best acts from across the country - and world! Miss those days...*sigh*

Anyway, I have to tell you these guys were great, Christians, gifted singers, ... just a good funny show. Here is a link to their website where you can hear some of their music, too. I think both of us really enjoyed it.

Thanks to Boyd and the DSU crowd for bringing really good programs to Winthrop weekend after weekend, year after year.   Ya'll are awesome! :)

And now, It's time for me to wind down and head home from work. I've been on my feet all day and I'm exhausted!  But, I'm also excited - we already have a play scheduled in two weeks! YAY! :) :) :) I love seeing some new events!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Just spoke with a very good and wonderful friend. One of those people who makes your heart smile just thinking of them. She is very much a mentor to me (whether she knows it or not) and so when I had something I needed to run by someone, I knew she'd be the right choice. And she was. 

Just last night I was talking to another friend about "fate," which I don't really believe in because I believe in God. Fate seems more of a happen-chance. God is an actual entity with a very deliberate plan in the works for me. Anyway, we were discussing how thing appear to be "Meant To Be." Something you can't put your finger on and yet, you feel like there is some cosmic reason events are happening like they are. Or the feelings are occurring like they are.

My advice was not to read too much into "fate events" because I believe we are often wrong.  I thought a relationship was "meant to be" because we were high school sweethearts, back together after 10 years. It was God bringing us back together, so surely we should be together forever. However, no that wasn't God's reason for bringing us back together and it took years after us breaking up for me to realize what God's reasons were. (Thankfully, we are still friends!)

So now, as a few events are unfolding in front of my eyes, I had to wonder if this was some kind of SIGN FROM GOD that I needed to listen to or acknowledge. Or maybe a foreshadowing to future events. Thus, a phone call to my friend. And she had wonderful advice which was - I should see there are interesting events happening and be aware they may be a sign for events to come in the future. To prepare, but don't jump. I like it. So that's what I'll do. And pray. :)

I couldn't help but chuckle as one conversation fed directly into the other - with me saying, "Don't read too much into these feelings of fate," only to turn around and say, "Is this a sign??" 

So tonight, I'm asking God to guide me to the correct decision. Open a door wide if I'm supposed to walk through it or put a nice big obstacle in front of it if I'm not supposed to be there. Make the choice clear without confusion, please, should there even be a decision.

On a totally unrelated note: I did fix the issue of those without accounts not being able to post comments! How unfriendly of me! I have opened it up to anyone wishing to leave a comment. (Thanks for letting me know there was a problem!) And thanks for following my random and mostly mundane life. :)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Plates are here!

I'm so excited!! Our Makit Plates have arrived and in time for AH's birthday!! So not only will she get to open up her plate that she created herself, but we'll get to start the new tradition of using the special "Birthday Plate" for the birthday person!

I also made a plate for Ellie Bellie's birthday in April! They can start this tradition at her house, too. :)

If you have children, I really encourage you to have them make a plate - - it's VERY easy and not that expensive.  I got the larger kit and have used it twice (and it gave me the ability to mess up and not freak out about not having enough templates). Enjoy!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Sunday Funnies

Last night's Super Bowl ads weren't the best I've ever seen, but some of them really did make me laugh like a loon. Starting with the movie trailer featuring Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler. The last line, "Tell your girlfriend it's a Romantic Comedy," caught me off-guard and got a laugh.

The two others I really liked were for Pepsi Max and Doritos.  In the Doritos commercial where the guy brought everything back to life with a sprinkle of Doritos crumbs - including grandpa - that was funny. And the Pepsi Max first date was also funny. Poor me, I didn't even recognize Justin Beiber in the Best Buy ad until they said his name. Oops. :)

Funny thoughts on Pepsi Max, which I didn't know was a diet drink because I'm a Coke girl (I'm Southern, and true Southerners drink COKE!) - Pepsi Max is "maximum flavor with none of the calories." So does that make Coke Zero (their version) Zero flavor with none of the calories?? hahaha. I wonder if someone actually thought about that as they developed the Pepsi Max brand?

So the family - we don't really get into football, although we all ended up pulling for Green Bay (whoo hoo!). Dad fell asleep in the recliner, Katie in the floor, leaving mom and me to cheer for the team. What a nail biter! Happy "our team" won! (Granted, we couldn't figure out who had the ball because ALL OF THEM WERE IN YELLOW PANTS! - Seriously??)

Ok, I have an election in the morning. I'm going to go soak in a hot bath, take some meds and go to bed. :)

Muffin Monday 5

At least, I think it's number 5. Regardless, what I have for you today is a picture of a fat cat being lazy. I know, I know, you probably have never seen such a thing before, but I managed to snap a picture of this rarity.

This is her new game. She comes into the Spare Bedroom while I'm on the computer, lays on her back and chatters to the moths in the window.  She hates that she can't get to them more than the fact she can't get to the birds! *laugh*  Just looking at this picture cracks me up!

I hope Muffin gets your week off to a great start!  Have a great one!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Bowl Yumminess!

Who cares what teams are playing or who's gonna win? I want to know what's for nibbling!  Katie and I usually go over to my parents for the Super Bowl, not that any of us cares about football but we do enjoy the commercials! And we all bring stuff to EAT!

I'm SO excited because, yes, my cheese crispies kinda went awry, but my Spinach Pull-Apart is awesome.  The recipe comes from Pillsbury and can be found here.  I took pictures as I went along because I didn't fully grasp what they were talking about (sorry, my ADD kicks in and makes cooking a bit crazy). And I didn't see they had a video! But too late, you have to look at my pictures anyway.

It starts with crescent rolls from a can. Cut them in half. Then I folded them up and smooshed flat into a sorta-circle.  I have no idea if this is what they did, but it worked for me.

Then I used a cookie dropper to scoop up the filling and drop it in the middle.  I folded them over, sealed them shut and then rolled them into little balls. After rolling them in butter/garlic salt mix, you drop them into a bundt pan.  AND THEY TURNED OUT GREAT!

I'm using my pottery, which it fits perfect into. The center bowl will be filled with marinara for folks to spoon out and use as a dip! It's so pretty and brown and looks just like their picture. It's amazing! :)

I also have two types of dips with crackers, carrots and celery and a strawberry cobbler in the over as I type. I don't know if it will turn out or not... I'll let you know tomorrow.

Hope you have a great night watching commercials! Let me know which one you find the best, ok? :)

Saturday, February 5, 2011


I'm changing my mind about the blog. :) So if you saw a sneak peek... lucky you!

I did have an afternoon of self discovery, but for the love of heaven, do you really want to read about it? No! You want to read about what I did tonight.

Katie and I usually go over to my parents for the Super Bowl. It's really the only football game we watch every year.  It took me forever to find out who was playing only to find out I really don't care about either team. But I'm planning on cheering for Green Bay because I'm pretty sure my brother likes them.  If they have ugly uniforms, though, I'm changing my mind.

Anyway, tonight I made cheese crispies which I did SOMETHING WRONG (imagine that!) so they turned out weird looking. But somewhat tasty.  I made two kinds of dips but haven't found my box of Wheat Thins yet - I haven't found permanent places for everything in the house yet.  And the beginnings of a spinach/cheese stuffed bread recipe that I discovered only makes 8 servings. Tomorrow I'll finish that up and do a strawberry cobbler of sorts.

I'm excited! I love trying to pitch in and help with surprises from the kitchen, so hopefully something will turn out YUMMY! And I have all this pottery to serve things in, which also makes me very happy. I love being able to use my pottery- every chance I get. It is the best thing to cook in, hands down. One day I'll post pics of my pottery because I adore it.

Anyway, isn't this more fun than a pouty blog about lessons learned and changes to my life?? I thought so, too. :)  And it's made me feel better already! So cheer along with me - How Funky Is Your Chicken? How Funky Is Your Chicken? How Loose Is Your Goose?

Off to guzzle cough meds - ya'll have a great night! :)

Weekend Cat Blogging!

Ok, I'm not exactly sure what it is or how it works. But I'm trying it!
Muffin has some CRAZY EYES! Lol. I think I interrupted her bird watching and she goes a little nuts watching the birds.  Of course, Muffin Monday will happen as usual, but weekend cat blogging sounds like fun! :)  Thanks to Pam at Sidewalk Shoes for hosting! :)

Friday, February 4, 2011

Warmth. And Weekend Wants.

I daydreamed today of warmth. It's just so grey and chilly outside. When I left for work it was 34 degrees and when I came home 8 hours later, it was 36 degrees. So it's just been a cold dreary day.

So this is what I daydreamed of earlier today:

Glassy Baby, something I found on Daily Grommet, is hand blown candle holders (or vases or glasses - whatever you want to use them for) and I think they are beautiful and romantic. *sigh* And they have a great charitable side to the organization, too. Check them out and read their story.

 So with this longing for warmth, I came home, hopped into my jammies and surrounded myself with warm light. The best I could do to combat the blah day of today.

First things first - turn on my lighted willows that my friend Melissa gave me for my housewarming! They have the most beautiful glow that immediately makes me happier.

Then on to lighting candles. This is Macintosh by Yankee Candle, given to me by my sister-in-law's parents for my housewarming (I need to do housewarmings more often!!).  It smells so yummy!!! And I love the liquid color as the wax begins to melt.

And then turn on my lamp with the fun glittery crystals. They just sparkle as the light hits them. Ahhh... now everything is lit with a homey glow! I love it!

Now that I've spent several more hours online daydreaming of warm beaches and private pools to be lazy around without worrying how I look in a bathing suit... I may take my candle and the NON-warm part of my evening (the ice cream!)with me to a hot bath before crashing into bed.

Surely I have a trash novel in the house somewhere that involves a warm climate...

Happy weekend ya'll! Hope it's a great one! :)
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