Saturday, April 23, 2016

Blog writer, Part 2

I knew if I added many more photos, that last post would never go. Then I fell asleep! (Sleep- Success!)

Macy practicing giving the boys bottles... Hahaha! Ok, not really. She was feeding her baby-dang I can't remember the baby's name. She's in this great imaginative play phase and I just love it!

I finally got well enough to have the shots I needed to visit with "the boys" aka Liam and Kellan. What sweethearts. Liam was my twin for the day so I fed him bottles and snuggled. These are my nephews who were born at 28 weeks. And at 6 months you wouldn't know it. I consider them miracles from The Lord. Getting back to my visit, Liam snuggled up on my chest and slept for a good while. Gosh they melt my heart. 

So of course, on the morning of my second visit I woke up sick and haven't been well since. Sigh. I hope to see them again before they graduate college! Yes, dramatic I know... I just want to see my nephews! 

My nephews were in the NICU for quite a bit of time. What an amazing place! One thing we learned about were isolette covers that make the baby's incubator (isolette) dark and quiet. I'm not sure why I became obsessed with making and donating as many of these as possible. Shared it on Facebook and my work intranet. 

A lady from church made it a Women I the Church project. Let's tell you, we have many amazing quilters at church. So these babies have some incredible cute handcrafted isolette blankets!  

When we finally gathered our blanket and headed for the children's hospital, we had a total of 18 blankets! The stack was almost as tall as her son! It was great to deliver these directly to one of the NICU nurses that watched after my nephews. 

I love thinking about these babies tucked into their dark and quiet Isolettes with their cover on top. Warms my heart. 

Once I chilled with making isolette covers, I went back to quilting. New pattern I saw for sell and just figured it out. I'll be working on this one for a long time. 

My ADD tendencies kicked in so in the middle of a sewing fest, I worked on this project.
Mom found this empty frame at a yard sale years ago and I just managed to turn it into a photo board for my bedroom. Love having easy access to update photos. And love having family pics in sight :) 

Last photo- taken this week at my parents. Sweet niece was crawling all over me so I made her stop for a pic.

Work is already kicking in, full speed ahead. Sigh. I wish I could have gotten more time off before it picks back up but it didn't work out that way. I knew 2016 was going to be a doozy. 

It's now Saturday and the sun is up! Time for me to get moving and see what I can find to get into! Have a wonderful weekend. :)

Friday, April 22, 2016

Blog Writer, Where Are You?

I'm here! I've not totally abandoned you! At least this time it's not because of medical drama that I've been slack. It's probably more due to the fact I've been seeing, enjoying family time and working more than plenty.

I'm crazy behind so let's start with Easter. Baby Sweet Niece very much enjoyed Easter and REALLY got into the Easter Bunny. Everything that happened was the EB playing tricks on her. Pretty hilarious. This lasted for weeks. 

The week after Easter, Macy had another eye appointment. This is where we expected "the surgery talk," so I went with Mom and Katie so I could take Macy somewhere to play while they had this serious discussion with the doctor. 

I waited in the lobby. When everyone came out I was confused. Tears shimmered in Mom's eyes. And then - surgery talk is off the table for the time being!! Her vision had improved with these special glasses and is just under the surgery threshold. Lord, thank you for that blessing!! 

Katie had to go back to work after lunch so Macy and I celebrated by visiting my alma mater. She loved it! 

Such a sweetie. She told her mama we went to a really fun town. Hahahaha

I have wanted pics with the beautiful pink trees for a while now... But didn't really have the funds for that. This year I asked two photographers whose work I greatly admire. One was $300 and one $125. And the $125 was closer, allowed more outfit changes, more time and was a daughter of a church member. SCORE! 

She really worked with Macy and I LOVE our portfolio. So many pics that I just adore. So thankful this worked out. 

This dress is one of Macy's "dress up" outfits but she insisted we take it. Don't you know it was the best color-wise?? Hahaha love it :)

I hoped her sister would be home but she wasn't. She's a teen now and it's harder and harder to catch up with her. I swear I haven't seen her in a month of Sundays! 

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