Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Heaven help I need to The update some pics. I actually have started
ordering Chatbooks which syhows all my Instagram pics. I really like having those printed in book form to keep!  Check it out.

Pics of the nieces. Their family went to the mountains for vacation where Macy finally caught a fish! AH is so patient with her little sister and I'm so thankful. 

These two adorable cuties are doing well, too. Love them to pieces!

Thanks to my brother for getting a pic of me with both of them. Love snuggling.

And this pic!! Loooove it and have it on my fridge. My parents adore those boys!!

Macy and MawMaw after church.

Sweet niece #1!  She had her wisdom teeth cut out yesterday. Poor thing. She seemed pretty upbeat about it.

I swear Macy adores her big sister!! This is after Macy's birthday party. She's wearing her new frozen dress up dress.

Happy Birthday to this sweet girl!

Her gift from my friend in LA. An HK sun hat! Super cute!!

My awesome amazing super wonderful parents!! So thankful for them. So blessed by God for giving me to them. They are such a support. And now, I can honestly say, they are my friends. Love you Mom and Dad!!

So now that I've dumped a million photos ... The update on my life! 

1- I'm still using my Young Living oils and I love them! De-stressor, chemical free, healthy wellness avenue. And they have makeup now. And I'm going to try it! 

2- Some punk keeps knocking on our doors late at night. Then Katie's furniture in her porch was moved  or, most recently, her grill. My parents had someone knock several nights lately. If they are knocking on my door, I'm sleeping through it. But they have before. And it's annoying. 

3- my work life is calming down and I'm finally getting to take some time off. Spent Friday with Macy and my sister's . This is what I try to remember when I'm putting in the hours. 

Ok I'm falling Sleep - dropping the phone on my face.  Sweet Dreams!

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