Sunday, October 26, 2014

Lovin' the Leaves

I know, ya'll have heard me complain about working so hard... I'm sure you are SICK of it. But one of the reasons I get all grouchy is because I. LOVE. FALL.  I love the crisper temperatures, the deep blue of the sky, the sun streaming through the bright red, orange and yellow leaves - it's just my time of year.  So being stuck in an office late at night and multiple weekends during this favorite time of year just turns me into a grouch.  I want to go to every pumpkin festival with the nieces and take a million photos of their adorable autumnal garb amidst tons of fallen leaves and plump pumpkins.

Insert sad face here.

But... today, Sunday, I once again skipped church, slept late, took a hot bath and zoomed up to a dive meat and three to grab lunch before the church crowd got out.  On the way home, I took a very slow and leisurely spin through Kings Mountain Park, windows down, Christmas harp music blasting, soaking up the sunlight, the colors and the autumn spirit that I've missed so very much.

I will admit to being totally lazy and not getting out of my car for any photo today. 

I know our color isn't peaking yet - maybe it will wait until work slows down! Whoopie! I hope so, but this 30 minute drive did a lot to refill my soul.  Honestly. It was just so relaxing, my shoulders slipped down away from being hunched up at my ears and my head fell back with the wind totally destroying any styling left of my hair.  GOOOOOOOOD STUFF. Loved loved loved it. 

I'm also gonna share some pics I pulled off my real camera from earlier in the month.  I'm not sure why I'm so fascinated by fog on my morning drives to work, but the way this hill is, you kinda are above the fog, then in it, under it, in it again and back on top.  Just weird but so cool at the same time! 

Above it all, heading down under it and will be in it soon. Isn't it so cool?!

 The sun filters through so prettily 

 Until you get down under the fog and the sun just can't seem to penetrate the heavy layer of mist

 But wait! On the way up and the sun is coming back! 

I mean, honestly, can't you see why I'm so fascinated with it? Ok, maybe not, but hey - it keeps me entertained on the way to work in the mornings. :)  God is the most cool artist ever, with beautiful surprises around every curve. 

I could get started on the pumpkins growing outside our office... yes, more pumpkins! Folks coming in to vote are all interested in the pumpkins, someone picked up the vine trailing outside of the bed with pumpkins on it and placed it inside of the bed so it wouldn't get inadvertently damaged.  They are so in awe of the pumpkin in our office, grown right out front in the flower bed! If anything actually comes of the half dozen we have starting out there, you know I'll let you know... :) 

You still have a few hours of daylight, friends, run outside and enjoy it while you can! 

Friday, October 24, 2014


Friday is a little less exciting when you have to work alllll day on Saturday. But it's still Friday!!! So here goes my letters.

Dear sweet niece #2:  I loved playing with you on the playground and seeing how brave you are. However, seeing your little crumpled up self in a teal heap on the ground under the play set broke my heart. You are quite big enough to exit the play set via monkey bars... Heaven help. And now you have a bad virus causing you high fevers. Please get well soon :(

Dear Walmart - please remain stocked up on all candy and chocolate, Advil, Tylenol and Cokes. As I was making my list for what WORK needed from you, I ended up with a list asking for Needs, Mini Oreos, a bacon egg and cheese biscuit and a gallon of tea. Can we say stressed much? 

Dear evil cold, I've battled you for a week. No, I'm not amused you are morphing into a sneezing runny nose pattern. I'm ready for you to be over. 

Dear God, this trip through Ezra has been great with Paulene. I totally give You the credit for my stress level being as low as it is. Starting off with a discussion via text about Your word in the morning, then reading the Bible at night is a good combo for me. 

Sweet Niece #1:  four years ago!!! This is the night before your daddy married my sister. I'm sure you were nervous and concerned but I think you have settled in to our family just right. You even look like our family! :) you are a blessing to us and we love you so very much. (Gosh you were little- now you are almost six feet tall!!) 

Dear Paulene, you were sent by God to help me through this election! :) very thankful! So glad to have your friendship.  And this in my Timehop made me SMILE!

Folks, I'm tired tired tired. :) I'm heading home, enjoying a hot bath and tv before crashing and coming back tomorrow.  Have a wonderful weekend, and hug someone you love.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Wherever She Goes We Follow

Right at this moment, I'm wondering how a potholder got in my bedroom? The answer is Macy. So today I worked for 7 hours, wrote checks so that each of the 12 medical entities gets paid this month, hmmm but forgot to make the car payment- and then I CAME HOME. I practically begged Katie to bring Sweet Niece #2 over so I could have some time wih her.

Coming up my steps, Macy announces she needed to go to my big potty. I may be a wonderful aunt, but I have no potty here. So we go rushing into the house and to the bathroom where she stop and points to the toilet. "That's your potty!"  Indeed, and I tossed her scrawny butt on it. Success! (Ed. Note: since then I have purchased a pink lady bug potty)

Katie walked back over to her house and I knew Mom was on her way home, so I called to share our success story and invited her over for some Macy lovin'. While I'm on the phone with her and trying to balance Macy on an upside down laundry basket in the bathroom so she could wash her hands, my front door opens. It's Dad! He figured out where Macy was and came over. 

So I ended up with Macy, Mom, Dad, Katie and me in my living room. We don't fit well in my living room, but it was awesome. I loved it. AND Dad fixed my tv!! Hooray! 

Let's get real, everyone just wants to see pictures. This is about all I got. I recovered my Bible tonight because I've never liked it being an advertisement for Charles Stanley. Love it - great study Bible, but this is more Bethie like. 

I'm heading to read Ezra chapter 7. Gotta keep up with Paulene. What a blessing, this walk together through Ezra!! Y'all have a great night :)

Friday, October 17, 2014

Friday's Letters!

Who is ready for the Friday Dance!!! Today is Friday! Today is Friday! Yes, get your groove on in your chair, at your desk, in the car... just enjoy the fact that today is Friday!

Granted, I'm working tomorrow.

But today is still FRIDAY!

I have to share a story before sharing letters.  My sister has been asking Macy what she wants for Christmas, and usually Macy says Corn on the Cob. Or Grapes.  Santa is gonna be a tad bit confused when she visits.  Anyway, we've been crazy busy at work and I haven't seen her this week.  So when Katie asked her this morning, she said, "Aunt Beth." (my heart is 100% melted to a puddle in the floor!)  So Katie asked - which do you want more, Aunt Beth or Corn on the Cob? After serious consideration, Macy chose Aunt Beth.  I rank higher than Corn on the Cob!! *happy dance!*  I'm making this quick so I can get home and see her tonight. :)

Marching onward to the letters!

Dear Koala. I love you. I bought two of you - one for me and one for my sister. Because she'll appreciate this sense of humor. hee hee. I'm still giggling over it. And at $.13 - a steal!

Dear Winthrop, I can't find jack crap on your campus anymore because you have tried to transform yourself into an ivy league impostor and smacked up new building on every available surface of earth. Which is fine, it's very beautiful, but holy heck where do you park? And why are your roads so confusing these days? ... All that and I still think you are a beautiful campus. Love the Tillman logo.

Dear God, I have a lot to thank you for:  the good report at the doctor, the great Bible study in Ezra with my friend, Paulene, Mom's improvement, the less stress than I usually have during election season, my boss seeing my need for assistance, -- this list goes on forever, and includes beautiful scenery, beautiful weather... Thank you.

Dear Friday, yes, you about got the best of me after I searched for approval for poster and went to the 1st floor, 3rd floor, 2nd floor, 3 floor, 2nd floor and 1st floor... then down the scary outdoor metal stairs with my hands full of printing, then dumped all the printing across the parking lot. Yes, you about got the best of me, but you forget: I'm better than Corn on the Cob, so TAKE THAT!

Sweet Niece #2, you made my week.  Love you bunches, babe!

Dear Dad, I know you and mom have worried about me. Thanks for giving me a break this week and treating me to lunch.  It was so good to get away from the office for a bit. :)

Ok peeps, I'm heading home.  Ya'll have a great weekend! XXX

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


In my best Gomer Pyle voice, "Surprise surprise surprise!"  I know, a post before Friday!?! Cray I know. It's six something in the morning and I thought, why not?

Not that I have anything exciting to share. Nope. Work is kicking my butt. I'm trying to learn how to cook pintos. I hopefully see a doc tomorrow (the first appt I could get with the man was Nov 5 so let's see if I can get a work-in).  Life is still zooming by at alarming speeds while standing still. 

Did I post pics of my cleaned up dining room? My goal is to put dishes on the table in an effort to not put other crap on the table. So far it's working. The dishes are mismatched Made in Occupied Japan. The problem is keeping Macy's fingers off of them. 

I often complain of people who present their life as perfect. So as you can see here, mine isn't. This is standing in my dining room looking at the living room. Yup a mess. Oh well the dining room is pretty :)

Sunday I didn't get to see Macy at all. I asked my sister for a photo and this is what I got. Love it! Fresh from her bath, wet curly hair everywhere, exploring her world. Those big blue eyes still surprise me. Her daddy has brown, mom green. But blue eyes run in both mom and dads families. 

Work is still draining my energy but it isn't as bad as it's going to get. I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving this year - down time with family and thanking God for so many blessings my family has received this year. So very many. 

So there are my ramblings before seven on a Tuesday morning. :)  I need to get moving, go snuggle with Macy and get to work. I hope your weeks are going wonderfully well!  :)

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Saturday's Letters?

I actually started writing my Fridays letters on Friday, but it didn't get finished. So enjoy Saturday's letters. Not the first time and I feel sure not the last.

Check out the cool cat hammering away on my new bookcase! 

Dear Sweet Niece #1:  you were a huge help last weekend with the shelves. Two sets! You hammered with little fear (haha) and figured out how it all went together better than some men I know. Good job! 

I also enjoyed your volleyball game this week!! I wish my schedule wasn't so hectic - I'd love to practice with you. Keep your chin up, babe! 

Dear book of Ruth: you are a short book in the Bible, but you made me long for a man like Boaz. A guy that respects me, wants to help me walk closer with God, a protector and who loves me for who I am. I'm trying to wait and not make any more mistakes on this front. 

Dear Paulene, I'm looking forward to diving into Ezra with you!  

Dear Lord, I'm doing my best to stay calm about a few health issues. Part of me wants to move into a hospital to have every ache and pain monitored because I'm a scaredy cat. But You got this, You are in control. Please help me breathe and relax! 

Dear Private Prayer, I so hope The Lord answers your prayers-our prayers- with a resounding YES! 

Dear Pop, I hope I'm feeling better tomorrow so I can make the apple cake for you :) EDITOR'S NOTE: this turned out horrible. I don't know what I did wrong, but it was BAD!

Dear Mrs Campbell, my kindergarten teacher, you knocked my socks off when you came in to vote and recognized me immediately. Kindergarten was 35 years ago!! You have kept up with me and still showed such pride that I was one of your students. You are amazing - you are still touching lives long after your retirement. :) 

And this wraps up one more week!  I'm heading to bed and hope I feel better tomorrow. Sweet dreams everyone! 

Monday, October 6, 2014

Bringing it in focus

I'm not typically the serious blogger, but after Sunday learning more about the Ebola outbreak, I feel like I need to share this information with you (you know the four people that may read this blog. haha!).  My preacher's brother is involved with missions in Liberia and happens to be home right now.  I will say he almost seemed to feel guilty for not being in Liberia right now, but I think he's doing great work by visiting churches to share his information.

The Ebola outbreak has been traced back to one little boy in Guinea. He either ate fruit after an infected fruit bat had nibbled on it, or something along these lines.  The initial symptoms of Ebola resemble Malaria, which is not uncommon in this region.  Therefore the family treated him as if it were Malaria, not realizing they were becoming infected as well.  Since the incubation period for Ebola is 2-21 days, they have a delay until they, too, exhibit signs of Ebola, which look like Malaria.  Eventually one person travels to Sierra Leone to visit the witch doctor, spreading it outside of the area of Guinea.

Many things are promoting the spread: the fact that families prepare the dead and it is at this point that the virus is at its most potent.  The religious beliefs are such that if you are sick, it's assumed you are being punished for doing something bad.  There is a huge mistrust of the government and a severe lack of health care.  The international response was slow, allowing the virus to spread - and continue to spread - at a rapid rate.  According to the presentation, there are over 6,700 cases and 3,000 deaths thus far.  The past THREE WEEKS saw a 57% increase in the number of cases - and it's predicted we'll see 20,000 by November and 1.4 million by the end of January.  I can't even fathom this number. This is how quick Ebola spreads.

Rev. Chuck McArthur and the group he works with, are working to reach the community through the churches.  By using people already in the community with established relationships, the trust is already in place to listen and learn about how to prevent the spread of Ebola.  Their goal is arm 50 churches with the ability to make and distribute their own soap.  To serve as food distribution centers to those families at risk.  To spread the education about Ebola.

One of his coworkers described a lady who received a bucket, bleach and a bag of rice, how she DANCED IN THE STREETS with JOY for receiving these items that would keep her family alive. Danced. In. The. Streets.  Thanks to A BUCKET. BLEACH. and a bad of RICE.

We can't fathom this, ya'll.  We are not in this situation.  But we can have empathy for our fellow human beings and reach out to them.  As Chuck said - when things are so dark, it's a great time for the church to shine bright.

I'm not asking you to donate - that's for you to decide if you are being led to contribute financially to the cause.  But I am asking you to Pray Pray Pray for these people, the 50 churches, the doctors and leaders.  Please pray that this situation is handled before another 10,000 people are lost forever.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Fridays Letters

Thank goodness for Fridays!  This week it feels like I've been drug backwards through a knothole. Yup. And it's only gonna get worse until after the election.

But today is Friday. And I can sleep in tomorrow because the boss gave me Saturday off. Something about stabbing chest pains and having your employee crying on you thanks on the fear of what is going on health wise. Yeah so I'm off on Saturday. 

So let's move along to letters: 

Dear God, you have really watched out for me this week. You've kept me calm, helped me sleep, just taken care of me through my fear. Thank you. 

Dear Pen Pal, I'm thanking you belated me for my birthday present. But more importantly I thank you for your prayers this week. I'm so thankful to know I can depend on you send up a prayer anytime I need it!!! 

Dear Macy, I've so enjoyed you last weekend and this week. The playground rocked, especially watching you make new friends. And your sweet hugs make my morning start off just right. 

Dear road, I'm ready for a break from you. I've been tearing it up from one side of the county to the other. Files are everywhere and totally unorganized. So no offense, but I'm ready to return to home base (aka my office). 

Y'all, you know it's sad when a person gets excited over the thoughts of cleaning house tomorrow. I want everything looking good, cute autumn decor, warm homey glowing lamps. Yes, it's a good thing. 

So thanks y'all for being patient with my sporadic posts. Have a great weekend.  :)
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