Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Snowy South.

They were saying this could be a mega storm and, although not a MEGA storm, it was bad enough.  It seems in the South we get less snow and more ice, which was true for this event, as well. I'm actually listening to a truck that sounds like its stuck in the snow/ice outside. *sigh* He'll probably end up knocking on my door - I seem to attract this kind of thing.

So this has been sitting in drafts forever. Bad Bethie. Macy loved the chance to be in snow. Child loves the white stuff. As mentioned, however, it's more ice than snow. She tried to make a snow angel but didn't have enough weight to break through the top layer of ice ;) 

I'm off to post this almost a month late :) 

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Adventures on Hump Day

Yay! We survived two primaries in SC and the one in NC. (When SC people hear NC is voting, they call us and ask why their precinct isn't open or voting... #BecauseYouLiveInSC) hopefully, work life will calm down for another month and a half.

I took today off. Was supposed to go flea marketing with Pop but instead we ended up in the ER last night and got home about 2 am. He went to the dentist with an abscessed tooth (is that what you call it?) and received some antibiotics. But suddenly late yesterday evening his face started swelling quite badly. Off to the ER we went. 

I could spend quite some time discussing the sadness that is the ER. So sad. We arrived at 9:30 pm and left at 1:30 am. Our "room" was actually a trauma room of some sort with a curtain wall dividing us from our neighbors. Just the two groups in this makeshift patient room. So we could hear their two year oldish girl singing and dancing barefoot and eventually lying in the nasty floor on a blanket sleeping, the mama bursting into tears every so often, and the doctor telling the man his vitals look good but he needed to check into rehab tomorrow morning. That he was the third addiction case he'd seen tonight. Please pray for these people. He admitted he'd been to rehab three times before and the dr encouraged him to keep trying-it was worth it. 

Dad got two shots of antibiotics and a prescription for another. Since mom, dad and I were the late nighters and I knew they were worn out, I took Macy on an adventure today! 

First we visited my friends at my old job. That was fun. Then we the at a meat and three. She gobbled up applesauce, slaw and mac & cheese. Gobbled! After a quick shop t Hobby Lobby for Easter crafts, it was playground time!!! This 3-year-old was as tall as a 6-year-old! And he had glasses, too. And some serious issues they haven't discovered answers to yet. Praying for them, too. 

Of course you gotta have a cookie after playing so hard! Rainbow cookie-devoured. Then a quick visit wih the Easter Bunny brought us back home. To PawPaw who had missed his girl. 

I am so excited!! We have an appointment with a photographer, who's work I adore, this Saturday. In a peach orchard. Tons of Pink flowers! Yes!!! I so hope the pics turn out beautiful! Excited!!!! 

She is Spring with the flowers in her hair. She gave all of us flowers for our hair. :) I know it looks like I only love her, but she's easiest to get photos of, an she is very lovable. ;) 

Went to a conference at Myrtle Beach last week and really enjoyed it! Lots of great election-related information that I found interesting. Loved the #selfiespot outside the restaurant we ate at and would love one for our office during election season. I'm brewing up some ideas. 

Ok I think I'm finally tired enough to sleep. Let's hope so, it's 2 am! Night and sweet dreams! 

Friday, March 4, 2016

Sleeplessness Sucks

I hate not being able to sleep. I woke up at 11:30 with my glasses on and the lamp on. Settled in properly to only wake up again at 2:00 am and not go back to sleep. Ugh. A coworker and I were saying today how getting enough sleep really impacts your health. And you have to retrain your body to want to sleep. Mine hasn't learned yet.

Y'all know I'm crazy for my nieces. Sweet Niece #1 turned FOURTEEN in February. Heaven help. It's hard to believe. Next year she starts high school. HIGH SCHOOL. Unbelievable. Already we see less of her, but she's a busy teen now. 

 This poor girl - she told PawPaw she was seeing "sun horns."  Since she already has eye issues we are concerned about, mom made an appointment with the eye dr immediately. We were so worried it was a detached retina. Not sure why there was a massive delay at the dr but she and mom were there FOUR HOURS.  A three-year-old. In a doctor's office. For four hours! She was exhausted, starving, stressed, just wiped out when they left. She slept all the way home and then on PawPaw's lap for several hours. The doctor thinks it's visual migraines. Her mama and daddy both get horrible migraines but PawPaw only gets the visual part. Hopefully, Macy won't inherit the headaches. 

If you have a little one in your life, you probably are familiar with Reading Across America and Dr. Seuss' birthday. Macy has preschool two days a week. One day she was to dress like her favorite Dr. Seuss character. She insisted on THING 2. Not Thing 1 because Thing 1 is the crazy one. She wanted to be Thing 2. And I thought she was an adorable Thing 2. (The other day this week she was to wear green for Green Eggs and Ham day).  

I'm doing a morning devotional that is emailed to me from GIG (Girlfriends In God). I've done it on and off again but I really do gain a lot from it. And they refer back to the scriptures which I believe is so important. 

In several places I keep seeing two messages: find joy in adversity and be positive in all situations.  It's tough. As one person said it, "Don't waste the hurt - learn what God is trying to teach you through it!"  

I've tried to make a concious choice throughout my day to be quieter, less sarcastic and less judgemental. I keep telling myself: reflect God in your actions, Beth. You are all some people know of Him. Give thanks. Know He will pull you through every trial and hardship in His way and in His time. It's still tough but with that in mind, there is always hope. 

Well it's now 4:30 am. Might as well get up an sew a bit. Accomplish something other than wadding up my blankets in a tangled mess. Y'all have a great weekend. :) 
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