Friday, January 8, 2016

Bring It, 2016!

Happy New Year, ya'll!  2016 is here and is already going wild in my office (where I still am on a Friday, but am heading home after this!).  It was a different Christmas, just about all traditions were tossed out the window as we adapted to the issues of the moment.  But that's ok, it was still good. Really good. 

Our family received so much good great news at the end of the year, it was just amazing. Let me just list some of it out for you... Dad: has an aneurysm in a main artery that the heart doctor just kind of watches - it's still doing "well," he still has no signs of bladder cancer, he has lost weight and his blood sugar is doing well, ... I think that's all for him.  My brother-in-law is doing good with both blood clots that landed him in ICU for almost a week in 2015 - GONE!  Hooray! My 3-year-old niece Macy, due to a genetic condition on both side of her family, she is more apt to have heart issues.  Went to the pediatric cardiologist and got two thumbs up on both tests they completed. WHEW. She loves her dentist (thank heavens! Somewhere along the lines she thought the dentist would drill in her teeth and she was getting very anxious about the appointment).  Her 13-year-old sister managed to ditch her boot from an ankle injury just before Christmas.

And the twins, sweet boys, are doing well, growing big and handsome!  Liam is probably over 9 lbs at this point, and Kellan should be about 7 lbs.  Their mama had to go back to work this Monday, so please say a prayer. I can't imagine how hard that is for her.

It was like the good news fairy just rained down happy sprinkles all over us! Hooray!

Celebrating Katie's birthday in December
We didn't do the large family Christmas Eve event, but the cousins did come down for some present opening.  It was still wild enough with just the kids! 

This family of boys are always crazy for AH!
Then Christmas morning, when we all sat down and ate some breakfast, opened gifts.  Well, Macy really opened everyone's gifts, but you know what I mean. 




My sweet nieces!!! 
I can't thank you enough for the prayers you have sent up for my family in the past year.  Or several years, depending on how long you have followed along. :)  We believe in the power of prayer, for sure! So thankful for so many blessings we have been given, and my goal for 2016 is to notice, acknowledge and give thanks for my blessings better.

I hope your family had a great Christmas, too. And welcome to 2016!! Let's see what is in store for a new year! :)
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