Monday, August 6, 2018

Dia & Co. Review!

Ok ya'll.

I don't usually do this stuff, but all the sudden, I've become a direct mail kinda gal.

It started with Young Living Essential Oils.  Got my oils in the mail, 16 months later, I'm still ordering every month.  I do love those oils and they do work!

Then it was Monat hair products.  Um... I do like some of their products. I liked what their shampoo and conditioner did for my hair - wow! But then it was like my scalp hated me and it, so no more of that. I do like their detangler, my  mom loves their hairspray and I like the dry shampoo, but it doesn't go very far.

Then, it was Plexus! I've had it a month and am having to slowly get into it. Detox isn't pretty and it tried to kill me (just kidding, I'm just a whimp) but I'm ok.  I am introducing a little at a time. And a new order ships next week. :)


Ya'll, for real, I ordered this on FRIDAY and it arrived at work on MONDAY.  Holy smokes, it was on fire getting here so fast! Right from the beginning, I loved the box it came in.  Purple packaging tape and lined in purple inside! I love purple!

But I'm jumping ahead, let me tell you from the beginning.  I chose Dia & Co because I'm a plus sized lady.  I figured if they specialize in my sizes, they would probably have a better chance understanding what would look good on a chunky monkey like me.  So, Dia & Co it is.

Did the survey, answered the question, requested the items I was most interested in. Picked a price range, asked for no yellow clothing, no dresses and no skirts.  What do I like to show off? Ummm.. nothing.  No legs, no belly, no bust, no shoulders - can I have a burlap sack with eye holes please? But, it's all good, I figure they have seen and heard it all before me.

I sent a pic of what I was wearing that day - jeans and a flowy shirt.  Flip flops.  The only measurements they had were my height and bra size (that I can remember). I was determined to be open-minded and try on everything I received.  I figured this was part of the experience, to lean on their expertise and step out of my comfort zone.  I let my coworkers rate my box and gave a show this afternoon in the office. Here is what we thought:

(One day, I'll add pictures.  Not today)

First - I did receive a dress and I was ok with that.  I wasn't surprised, I'd seen too many dresses and skirts in pics advertising Dia & Co.  But it's all good.  I'm glad they included it.

I received:
--a necklace (everyone in the office LOVED it)

--a dress in kelly green and black (they loved the dress. I was OK with the dress, just not a dress person.  But it did make me consider I could wear dresses in the future, should I want to).  It's going back.  April picks this as her TOP PICK.

--A black soft shirt with crochet sleeves.  We all loved this shirt.  I would not have chosen it becasue of the sleeves, but on, I really liked it! It's a keeper!  Sharon and Cyndi pick this as their TOP PICK.

--An interesting blouse with a sheerish looking white back, light blue and white stripes and florals on the front.  Ther eis no way I would have tried that shirt on ever.  April reaaaallllly liked it.  And I did, too, once it was on.  Debating on this one.

--Bright magenta ankle pants - what a FUN color! The fit in the waist, legs all that was really great.  But the crotch wasn't quite right for me.  So I really appreciate they sent them and the color/size but the fit wasn't super right.

Overall - they did a great job picking the right colors fo rme! The right shapes of clothing and they looked good on (according to the work trio).  They said the tops were a different type of fit than what I would normally wear and they were very flattering.  And Dia included tips on what else to wear these pieces with - items most folks would already have in their closet.  So that was helpful, too.

Count me as impressed.  Items were in the price range I chose, which were a little more high end. But this will give me a chance to learn designer names that look good on me, styles and cuts that look good and help me shop for myself later on! :)

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