Sunday, July 31, 2011

Muffin Monday a few hours early

Because I know I have a crazy week ahead, I'm posting Muffin Monday on Sunday night. I know you must think everything in my house is red because you always see Muffin on red...actually it's mostly old comforters and sheets covering the furniture because she sheds so horribly!

Anyway, enjoy muffin being sleepy on the couch, which is covered with a sheet. :) happy first week of August!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Today is FRIDAY!

Her favorite place, watching the birds out the window

Today, I am tickled to be joining the Weekend Cat Blogging friends that I haven't seen in ages. I rarely post on the weekends since I live so far out I am still on DIAL-UP. Therefore, I usually blog from my phone.  Not very good at linking up with other blogs.

But today Pam at Sidewalk Shoes and her lovely kittens are the hosts and Muffin would be VERY upset with me if we missed out on playing with Coco, Smudge, and Patchouli. 


Today is also Friday.

When I was in college, there was a guy who sat beside me in Music Appreciation - really nice guy. He attended Clemson for one semester before moving back home to his family, he was so homesick. BUT... just so happens his former roomies at Clemson were old high school peeps of mine. So they let me in on a little secret about him... Every Friday he would wake up and do the "Today is Friday!" dance around the room. He was so excited to go home to his family for the weekend.

Today, my friends, today is Friday.  And today, my friends, I'm ready to do the "Today is Friday!" dance! Join me - in your homes, your offices, your cars ... join with me and do the "Today is Friday!" dance, because I'm TICKLED PINK that today is FRIDAY! :)

I'm seriously singing in my head, "Today is Friday... Today is Friday..." and doing a little shoulder/half booty dance as I sit in my chair... ahhh... loving the thoughts of a weekend!

.... Today is Friday... Today is Friday... :) :) :)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Day.

My drive home from work one day last week. The sky was so blue and the clouds so puffy and white, out made me wish I could hop into the sky and play. A good day dream for a Thursday... :)

Monday, July 25, 2011

Muffin Monday

Today it's another hot and steamy Monday... So keep cool with a glimpse of the coolest cat around, MUFFIN! 

In case you were wondering, she swiped me right after this picture was taken.  I think she's tired of the camera. But she's so cute I can't resist!

Y'all have a great week and stay cool!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Reflection on Appreciation

I woke up at 4am this morning with several things on my mind. One of which was the fact that 2011 is halfway gone.

I had several goals for 2011 and I needed to reflect on how I had done on implementing these "life additions." The most important being Appreciation, I believe.

In 2010, I wrote 18 entries in my thankful journal. So far this year, I have written 36. I seems like I'd done more than that! Ok so I didn't count July because that would be the second half of the year... So 36 entries in about 180 days.

But it's ok. I do feel like I recognize the blessings in life much more now. I try to say thank you more often to the people who deserve it...and funny thing is most people do! So the Appreciation focus it's being successful, I believe.

As for some of the other life additions, like photography, well... I may need to work on those. I did good in the spring, but haven't done much this summer in the way of taking pics to appreciate and notice everyday beauty around me. Lots of family and friends pics, though and they are beautiful! :)

So, this entry is pretty much for my benefit only. :)   Something to keep me on target. 

Friday, July 22, 2011

Treadmill woes.

It is very sad when the most action your treadmill sees is from the overweight cat sleeping on it.


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

So...about those dreams...

If you will recall, I believe I said something about just because you believe it, try for it, really want it, blah blah doesn't mean you will get it. Well, there you go.

But, if you will recall, I also said that I believe it meant God has another plan and I would be ok with that, too.

Don't you love a good test?

But it's truly ok. I'm ok. I'm feeling good about where I am right now and honestly I'm pretty content in life. Lots of blessings, some of which were revealed through this experience. Lots of happiness.

So many friends were praying for me, I had cheerleaders all the way. As the news spread, some gave words of encouragement that warmed my heart and touched my emotions in a fierce way. To each of you, thank you. I am blessed.

Others, I'll admit surprised me, but I had to realize we all have our own drama and the world doesn't stop for me. Thats ok, too.

So, I head to bed confident that God is in control and wants what is best for me. What a great feeling to have.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Sleepy Muffin Monday

Poor kitten could barely keep her head up she was so tired.  I know how she feels. I took a power nap between classes on my lunch break! Only about 10 minutes, then it's back to teaching classes!

Kittens have all the luck... Let me sleep and eat all day! :)

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Darling Princess.

Her crown princess, Ellie
I have had the honor of spending time in presence of the most DARLING PRINCESS, Ellie! What a cutie and what a trip. She's at the stage where everything is a question. Why? and What...? (What kind of raccoon, Why do I have to sit down, etc) - these are the questions from Ellie Bellie. But some of the stuff she comes up with is HILARIOUS. Like yesterday, we all piled in to the car to go to a downtown festival - with plans to enjoy cotton candy and rides. When I got there, they were packing everything up! All the rides were broken down, the street completely clear of vendors. Oops. 

Sister Beth (Ellie's mom) asked her,
"Ellie, do you have a plan B?"
Of course Ellie answers, "Yes, I have a plan B."   
"Oh you do? What is your plan B."
"I have a plan B but there's nothing in it!"

HAHAHAHAHA! She has a plan B, but there's nothing in it. Too cute. So we ended up at Chuck E. Cheese. My first Chuck E. Cheese experience. Interesting place. I can't say I wouldn't go back, because it was more fun than I expected. Ellie is old enough now (age 3) to play some of the games and enjoy the rides.  And pick out her own skee ball ticket items, which included a bag of cotton candy, Nerds, and an activity book. She's a big spender!

Pic 1 - Ellie completely fascinated by the lights. We ended up ditching this game because you didn't get enough tickets for the effort. 

Pic 2 - From the day at the Schiele Museum. Ellie giving Aunt Donna a kiss. Is that not the sweetest thing you have ever seen? I thought so. Just adorable.  Aunt Donna doesn't know this yet, but using an app on my Droid, I have turned this into a postcard and it's hopefully on the way to her house! :)

Watching her grow up is a total delight. Seeing the changes, the development, her personality - I'm so blessed to have this opportunity! :)

Friday, July 15, 2011


Ahhhhh...started my morning with a trip to the gyno. Every girl's dream. I dearly despise these visits as I am a very private person. But, it is a necessary evil. So, I go.

Imagine my surprise to see this on the car parked beside me. Very interesting. I had to stop and take a picture to share. A new type of awareness/support ribbon. What's next?

I guess it takes all kinds in this world...

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Become Your Dream.

Print available here.

I like this. So action oriented with a definite plan of action. It says, "I'm not just plopped down in my window seat hoping that my elusive dreams will fall from the sky into my lap."

No, this is saying, "I'm pulling out my tools, developing my skills and talents and golly gee willikars, I'm going to blow up this helium balloon and TAKE FLIGHT!" 

See the difference? 

Anyway, That's what's I'm doing. I've pulled out my tools, experiences, skills and talents and I've gone for my dream.  Now, just because you go for it, doesn't mean that dream is meant for you.  And that's ok, too. I tend to believe if you are denied what you believe to be your dream, there must be another plan for you that is greater than what you imagined for yourself.  Doesn't that sound nice? I think so, too.

Prints available here.
And while it sounds nice and I like this concept:  She believed she could so she did!, it's not honest or realistic.

HOWEVER, I do believe more opportunities are lost because they weren't tried for or "seized" in the first place.  If you don't try, you are definitely not going to attain your dreams.

EVERY SINGLE TIME you try for your dreams, I promise you will gain something from the experience. *If you are a person who allows yourself to learn from experiences...*  If you are a blamer, you'll never learn anything.

So, I'm trying to become my dream. And maybe it will work out in the way I think I want it to, and maybe there is a bigger, brighter plan in the works for me that I have no clue is there! Which is exciting, too!

I'll let you know how it all works out - whether you want to know about it or not! :)

Monday, July 11, 2011

Muffin Monday. And Ellie! And FAMILY! Woo Hoo!

Muffin Monday is a bit blurry this morning... and a bit late. :)  Go figure, just like real life! ha ha. This is what happens when you try to take a picture of an unhappy squirming cat - you chop off half of her head and get half of your own in the pic! :) 

My weekend was wonderful and I just had to share a few pictures with you.  Saturday morning, instead of going to sleep after work Gary met me for breakfast. It was really nice to see him on an "off" day.  After spending the morning with him, I met Donna and Ellie for an adventure at The Shiele Museum in Gastonia, NC.

Ellie conquers the rock! Don't you love her mining hat? The lights MUST be turned on in order for her climb.
But isn't she the cutest little climber ever?  

Aunt Donna and Ellie. Every time you mention "Skunks" in front of Ellie, this is what she does.
Places her hand over her nose and says, "Stinky Skunk." It's HILARIOUS!

Wild Child playing in the tepee at the gift shop.

Here Ellie points out to us the glittery gemstones. It's funny because everything must have
an adjective associated with it. Friendly raccoons, stinky skunks, slimy snakes, etc etc.
Ellie and her snake, Sarah.  Everything is named Sarah these days.

She is just too cute. TOO CUTE! As Gary says, she's so cute she's dangerous. :)  I agree.

On to the second part of the weekend - my older brother turned FORTY!!! Holy cow, Batman, I have an old man for a brother now!  We got together with all of our family and his wife's parents and niece. It was really nice to have everyone together and enjoying some really great food from the grill. I gotta say, for an old man, my brother can really grill up some more tasty food. YUM YUM.

Clay with one of his cards. He gets just as big a kick out of cards as he does presents.

Angela and Zowie, which is her mom's dog. Although she has one almost identical!

Katie and Chloe Bella (Angela's dog!)

Chloe peeping through the back of the chair
Yes, I know, I have more pictures of the dog than I do of the people. :)  But the dogs are so cute! We really did have a great evening together as one big happy family.  Even though we live close together, I really don't get to see Clay and Angela often. Nice visit.

Ya'll have a most wonderful second week of July!! Can't believe the summer is zooming right by us so take time to enjoy the hot and humid weather before Jack Frost comes through and has us begging for warmth!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Muffin Mornings.

This morning, at about 5 something a.m., I turned on the lamp on my nightstand and discovered THIS lying in the floor beside the bed. As soon as I switched the light on, she immediately begins PURRING, like she's tickled pink to finally have me awake.

Not that she got up and moved, mind you.  No, that didn't happen until I ran water in the bath tub. She managed to haul herself up for the chance at fresh bath water. 

*shakes head* I don't understand her. But I'm happy to have her. :)

If I remember to link this up tomorrow, it will be part of my Weekend Cat Blogging!  :)  I so rarely blog on the weekends so I don't get a chance to link up. Hopefully tomorrow, I'll remember!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Just a bit of fog.

My ride into work the other morning was a tad bit foggy.  For some reason I don't associate fog with the summer months. Maybe I'm just off in my head about when we usually get fog, but I think it would new cooler weather?

Anyway, it made for an interesting drive into work, which it's always appreciated. And now, you can appreciate it, too!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Firecracker, Firecracker, boom Boom BOOM!


Gary and I enjoyed some BEAUTIFUL fireworks for the Fourth of July - I thought I'd share a few pictures with you! :)  Funny - I've had this camera for about three or four years, only to discover that night that the camera has a fireworks setting! Along with an aquarium setting, beach setting and a few others. You know, settings that would have been great to know about during our recent vacation. Oops! Oh well, I'll have to try them out next year.

I do love me some fireworks. I noticed that when I was taking pictures, I wasn't really seeing the fireworks, but trying to capture the perfect shot instead! So at one point, I just had to put the camera down and enjoy the show.  And it was nice to have another shutterbug sitting beside me, so we could be dorky photographers together. :)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Passing Down History.

Yesterday, as I was trying my hand at a batch of chili for the hot dogs, the feeling of family connections washed over me in waves.  I was using my Grandmother's cast iron frying pan, one that cooked up many a meal for my dad's family over the years. I thought of my grandmother, a tall lady like myself at almost 6 feet tall, standing at a stove making sausage gravy for the kids in the morning to smoother a batch of fresh made biscuits or frying up potatoes for her family in the evening to go along side some chicken.

How many meals had been made in this one frying pan - and how many more will be made at my hand?

It's so utilitarian - a black cast iron frying pan. Funny that this is what I should become attached to or think of in terms of family history.  Of things being passed down to me from my grandmother. 

I never got to meet her. She passed away well before I was ever born. But I felt a connection with her in an odd way, on the Fourth of July, as we prepared to come together as a family to celebrate the holiday. I'd like to think she's smiling down from Heaven as I continue the family cooking traditions in her old skillet.

PS - my chili only turned out so so - if you have a good recipe, please share!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Independence Day

Muffin and I would like to thank each and every person who contributed to our freedom. Having lived only here in the US, I realize I cannot fully understand a life without these freedoms. But I do try to appreciate the blessings given to me!

Ya'll have a safe and happy holiday!
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