Thursday, July 12, 2012

Happy (Belated) Birthday, Brother.

Happy Birthday to You!! Happy Birthday to You!! Happy Birthday, goober older brother!!!!!!!!!!!!
Happy Birthday to You!!  (Since we didn't sing to you last night... )

Clay, my older brother. My only brother! What can you say about Clay? *laugh* heaven help, so much. He's just hilarious. He's rarely serious unless he needs to be. He is a hard worker, super talented, artistic and logical at the same time. He has a big heart for animals. Can make an amazing cheesecake, pecan pie, and about anything you put on the grill.

He is 100% our father, made over again. Well, ok, about 90% our father, with enough of our mother to make him a perfectionist. So all of Dad's construction skills with Mom's perfectionist tendencies.

Growing up with him was very interesting. He went from redneck to "refined." But he's always had this goofy sense of humor that is super quick and very hilarious. I don't think I've seen any two people work harder than him and Angela - whatever is needed is what they'll do.

Clay and his mermaid, Angela! (hahaha!)  Aren't they a beautiful couple? Happy Birthday, Clay! I hope it was a good one - we really enjoyed having the family together for the evening! :)

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