Saturday, May 31, 2014

Goodness gracious

I'm still alive and kicking. Swamped at work and posting online is at the bottom of the list. But this morning, before I go back in, I thought I'd catch up a little.

I left off at May 7. This was on my way home, the net keeps most golf balls out of the road. It was just something about the sunset and net. :)

May 8 - do you see how tall this little girl is getting??? Nothing is safe, she can stretch and snag about anything. 

May 11 - Happy Mother's Day!!! I enjoy making new cakes for holidays and such so I tried a German Chocolate Pound Cake for my mom for Mother's Day lunch. It wasn't bad!

May 11 - My lovely Mother, sweet niece and Sister. Taken at church on Mother's Day. The two best Mama's I know!

May 13 - she was so happy about her apple!  Mom painted the cute chairs for her and sweet niece loves them. 

May 18 - Macy decided to let PawPaw wear her Cinderella sunglasses. They didn't quite fit his noggin! 

May 19 - someone dumped all her toys out to use the bucket at a hat. She was still in her hat when I left that morning. Do you see the one crazy curl in the front?? 

May 23 - Riding with Aunt Beth and MawMaw to see PawPaw's new shop. She definitely looks older than almost two to me. 

Well, that's a pretty good start to catching up. I hate all my pics are of Sweet Niece, but lately it's been all work and little play. Things will slow down in July ;) thanks for visiting and enjoying the pictures! 

Monday, May 12, 2014

Catching up again

I had to go back an see where I left off!  Finally, I'm into May!

Thursday, May 1: Somewhere behind Joey, Snoopy and Peter Rabbit is a Macy. She sure is crazy about her stuffed animals and babies. 

Friday I wrapped up classes for the week and changed locations for the upcoming week. And the crappy company car started acting weird so it was all around an adventure. 

Saturday I finally finished with my flower beds. So happy about that!! A truckload of mulch wrapped that up. 

After I rested I was anxious to get out for a bit. Thankfully, my sweet niece AH was game and we hit party City for some bday supplies. Baby Sweet Niece turns 2 in June. What a great time- AH is a trip. And our trip included candy and Krispy Kreme, so we were both pretty happy. 

Sunday pics are already posted- the photo shoot with the girls. Those kids crack up.   

Tuesday. Do you see how happy my roses are with their new mulch? And the guy gave me a free upgrade- awwww yeah! Cedar-which is a natural repellant for bugs and cats! Yay! 

There you go - life last week. 

Hope you all had a wonderful Mothers Day! :)

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Springtime Photo Shoot

This weekend was totally beautiful, so I of course, worked in my yard until I could barely move. This is after waking up before 6 a.m. to hit yard sales with mom.  I was a whooped puppy.

This is also why I had no patience in trying to take photos of one wild rambunctious child.  The older sweet niece was wonderful - she's so photogenic and so good to work with.  The younger sweet niece is a little tougher. And, OF COURSE, it was her photo I needed for her birthday invitations.  Argh!

The first attempt was right after church and she did pretty well.  She's having a Hello Kitty party, so we wanted her HK to be in the picture.  But that animal is HUGE (a gift from one of my cousins, because it was too large for their house!!) haha.

The second attempt was after her nap and she was in a GO GO GO mood. Run run run run toss the ball toss the ball run run toss run run run toss SQUEEEALLLL!  Yeah, you get the pic. :)

And this one pretty much sums up the photo shoot.  The older sweet niece looking great while the younger one screams at the top of her lungs with her balled up little fist.  Yup.  That's a wrap.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Still running ...

To catch up on my photography posts. Argh!  Again, work life is busy and it interferes with my schedule of photos hahaha. Enjoy a few of the photos from April 23-29. Or close to that time period.

Thursday April 24? Yum. When work takes me out of my typical city, I get excited to eat different food. The carrots were nasty- the rest was tasty! 

Friday, April 25, I had a visitor to my class! Is this pup not the cutest thing you've ever seen?!? He just LOOKS smart. 

Saturday was spent doing yard work and oh my gosh it made me sore. During a break, Little Miss Sunshine came to visit. She would pull on my doorknob and say, "I'm going to get some toys!"  Haha don't worry, I eventually let her in to jump on the bed. 

One of my first blooms this year. So happy to see the beautiful colors coming back!  12 bags of mulch from Lowes didn't even handle half of what I needed. It's been taken care of now with 2 cubic feet of mulch. Who knew it would take so much???

So there you go, the other week I missed. Y'all have a wonderful week, enjoy the beautiful weather and come back to see me in a few days, ok? 

A Quarter is Good, Right?

I kept up with the photo a day for almost a quarter of the year, which I thought was pretty good. I'm backing off a pic a day simply bc I was taking boring random pics just to have one and they didn't always have meaning. Maybe I'll get seven pics in a week with meaning but I'll not get disappointed if it doesn't happen.

My work life is really busy right now. They'll be no slowing down for another six to nine weeks. Another reason I'm not on top of the picture taking game :) 

But here is the week I missed - and I'll try to post this week's pics tomorrow. Ed: I did try to publish this about a week ago and just realized it failed. Sorry! Trying again!

Last Wednesday we took Sweet Niece #2 to the Children's Museum to play. It's a very small museum and we ended up in a special story time event, which she was not interested in. But we still had a good time. 

Also, prep time for Easter. This is my Crockpot Mac & Cheese recipe, written in my Susan Branch recipe keeper. 

Friday, more prep for Easter. Carrot raisin salad - diabetic friendly!  

Saturday I went through Clover and got stopped at the light. Snapped this quick pic of the mural of the train. Clover had train tracks  running through the town center at one point. It was named for the Clover patch that formed around the water tower.  Or something along those lines. 

Easter Sunday had three of us sick, Macy's daddy, Macy and me. I kept Macy that morning after finishing my cake!! No cute Easter dress pics, I'm afraid. But we did get out and hunt eggs that afternoon.  The two sisters are so sweet together. Both are such a blessing to our family. 

Last Monday - someone just enjoys making a mess ... 
But she cleans up cute. :)

Headed to Mamaw's house! Bye!!

So there was Easter week. I may go back and do a post on more egg hunt pics but for now, it's time to get ready for work. Y'all have a great week!! 
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