Saturday, August 20, 2016


I'm sitting in a small out-of-the-way restaurant in a very small town. Had to google map it to find it. Older couple is sitting in front of me and the man asked the young waitress if the local football team played last night. "Yes sir." "Did Jordan play? I know he did." Made me smile seeing the pride these folks have in the local community.

I can't remember the last thing I wrote and service is so bad here I figure I can't pull it up. So did I tell you my bro-in-law made it through his third back surgery... 10-hours! While it seems the surgery is successful, a nerve is very angry and causing him great pain. Please pray this sucker calms down!  This family could really use a break. (This photo is from the chapel in the hospital. Just beautiful) 

My sister moved into a new school building. She wasn't allowed in to unpack and arrange all her belongings until the day before Roger's surgery... A week before school started. So Dad and I spent some time in there making it look ready for students. Thank heavens for family :) My parents have really been here for all of us. 

Sweet niece #1 hit high school this year! I can't believe it!! She playing sports, sorta learning to drive, and is just beautiful. And sweet niece #2 is going to 4K at the same school all of us attended. She wore her tiara to meet the teacher and has already made a name for herself. After her evaluation, Katie asked her how she did and Sweet Niece said, "I rocked it."  Hahahahaha

My twin sweet nephews are doing so well. Growing so fast and changing every day. I stopped in to see them last week and was amazed at how sweet and friendly they are!! They'll be 1 in the beginning of October. That just doesn't seem possible. 

(Once again, I never finished this so I'm posting it as is)

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