Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Memory Lane

For some reason, I have been lost in college memories tonight. My freshman year, I met four guys who completely changed my life. Thinking back I'm trying to remember exactly how we all ended up together. I met the first guy, A, in the computer lab. We dated all of two weeks before I knew this wasn't going to work. Which sucked because he was exactly what I liked-fair skin, black hair and beautiful blue eyes. Taller than me. Crazy smart. I convinced him we weren't right for each other by telling him I didn't like to think. Yup, he then agreed we weren't right for each other. And he never let me live that down.

He introduced to his friends, D, W, and C. I saw D for the first time peeking through his window where he was sleeping. We couldn't wake him up. Heaven help. He and I dated off and on every three years or so for the next while. I became closest to him as friends, too. 

D and W were roomies and C and A were roomies. You might as well say I roomed with D and W because I basically did. Not because D and I were dating but just because we were close friends. They tied a stick to the window so I could throw it and let them know I needed in the side door. Girls weren't allowed after 10 on week nights, 12 on weekends. So I had to crawl through the window or be let in the side door. 

D and A were the two I knew were looking out for me. D mainly-when I went on dates he insisted they drop me off at his apartment. He gave me piggyback rides so my shoes wouldn't get wet on the grass. He looked out for me in concerts and crowds. A was much the same, I would watch the two of them search me out in a crowd to make sure I was still ok. 

Last Christmas, A's card mentioned he and his wife were seperated. I hate to hear that. They have two little girls. Well, probably not so little anymore. I haven't seen him in years but found that card his afternoon. Made me miss the group of them. 

Made me miss my ex, E, too. I was dating him as I went into college and we broke up just before I started dating A then D. It was a very long drawn out goodbye as E signed up for the Air Force and we said goodbye for months after the relationship ended.  He and D didn't ever see eye to eye. Imagine that Haha. Of course , E and I ended up back together 10 years later as adults. Still didn't work out. :(

So yes this is rambling and making no sense. I just miss having guy friends with No pressure. Just friends. I've slept in bed with each of them and had nothing happen because it wasn't sexual. It was friendship. And I miss that tonight. 
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