Friday, August 30, 2013

Friday's Letters.

Dear week, so you've kicked my booty a little bit, but that's OK. I'm still standing and ready for round two (or three or four, whatever round we are on at this point).

We visited the office one morning... 
Dear Macy, Girl, I had NO IDEA how tough it was to keep up with a 14-month-old until this week! Work was a welcome break from chasing after you! But I cherish these days because you are so precious, innocent, loving, sweet and I won't have many other days like these to spend 10 hours with you at once. So blessed. I loved every moment (except possibly the stinky diapers!). 

Dear Praying People, please keep my uncle in your prayers. He is a dear uncle to me, my dad's brother, really funny, kind-hearted, he always asks me, "How's my girl?" when he sees me. I always get a huge hug.  I want those days back and hope he'll be recovered soon. But that day doesn't seem like today, so please pray.  Many thanks. 

image from Kohls Cares
Dear Kohls, you put Joey from "Pouch" in your Kohl's Cares line up of stuffed animals for $5.  Can I tell you how totally awesome you are for that? Macy LOVES that book and loves the stuffed Joey kangaroo I got for her.  She kisses it and loves on it, carries it all over the place and shouts, "POUCH!" whenever she sees it.  Best $5 I have ever spent. Thanks for making it SAFE and AFFORDABLE!

Dear Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University,  *sigh*  Ok, so this free spirit totally didn't want to fess up to where her money was going. So, now I have to and I don't like what I see.  Thanks for the reality check and here's to better decision making in the future. 

Ok, I'm out for the weekend. See ya'll on Monday. Hugs and Love! 

PS - my birth month begins on September 1 ... I'm just saying ... 

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Monday Muses... or Not.

So, I'm a wee bit late on this, but I do have a reason.

This weekend/end-of-last-week-beginning-of-this-week has been another adventure for me and the fam.  First let me say, I put stuff here with emphasis on the drama to entertain, but I totally realize how blessed I am.  Wonderfully blessed!

So on to my life.

Last week was busy. I had events on the road. Did a bit of driving/riding for work over three days. Visited with friends for dinner (Donna, Sister Beth and Ellie - always fun!).  Rode with Dad to visit my uncle in the hospital.  Life is so uncertain from moment to moment, even though we like to think we have it all in control.  We SO do not. If you are a praying person, please add my uncle to your prayer list.

Saturday drove an hour and a half or so to see my friend Paulene, which is awesome.

Paulene is a super cheerleader to me. Inspiring, so talented and smart, so creative and forward-thinking. She has it going on big time. She just doesn't realize it most of the time... but seriously, a great encourager.  Check out her shop, Leen Machine, a modern stationary and invitation shop. Love her line of stationary.

Sunday, I will admit, we skipped church to go on an all-girls picnic!  My sister, Sweet Niece #1, Sweet Niece #2, my S-I-L and I all gathered at the park for BBQ sandwiches, fresh fruit, and great family time.

Sweet Niece #1, S-I-L, Sweet Niece #2

Sweet Niece #2, Sis, and Sweet Niece #1

The Sweet Sisters together
It was a perfect beautiful day. The temperature was just right, we had no bugs bothering us, no person bothered us - just a great day.  We were concerned when we saw envelopes about surviving an Zombie Apocalypse on one of the benches, but it seems the zombie war happened before we got there. Thank heavens.

Monday I was off work to watch Sweet Niece #2 while Mom & Dad went to the DR and to visit my uncle. That night, Mom fell and broke her foot. Tuesday, I watched Sweet Niece #2 while Mom went to the DR for her foot.

Today, I'm back at work. I'm in dire need of a break because babies are exhausting! Holy cow, that's hard work.  And I needed to do my homework for Financial Peace University since that started last week.  Tonight is class #2, so I needed to not show up already behind. Seriously.

So there is my life.  No muses. I'm just too tired to try and come up with what I'm thinking. As my Dad has been saying the past six months, "We are in survival mode." Yes we are.

BUT - GOD IS AWESOME. And I don't want that fact to be lost. Because Mom's break could have been SO MUCH WORSE. And things with my uncle could be worse. I'm getting my financial life in order and that is such a BLESSING.  I'm good, I'm happy. I have a wonderful family and I love them dearly. I have a great work place that picked up everything and covered for me at the drop of a hat. That's awesome, ya'll, that's awesome.

So someone tell me what you are up to? Share something good, something funny, something about Big Brother or Downton Abbey? :)

Friday, August 23, 2013

Friday's Letters

Happy Friday and OH MY GOSH, thank you for a weekend. I needed one of those. Onward to the letter:

Dear Hello Kitty, you make my daily office life so much happier. Your precious bow and happy pink color just make my day a little bit better. Thank you.

Dear Mother Nature,  Not sure what PMS wave you are currently surfing, but we've seen just about every season this week.  I'm 100% done with all this rain, by the way, so some nice, peaceful, blue skies and soft breeze autumn days would be great.  Just a simple request. 

Dear Macy, you are growing and learning, just becoming such a "little girl" instead of a "baby girl."  I am amazed at your vocabulary, you learn a new word every single day.  I love how you will finish the Pete the Cat book when I read it to you.  How you say "Shew Wee" when you get your diaper changed. And you chant, "EAT EAT EAT" constantly!  You make my day. 

Dear weekend, you are bringing me a few days of friend-fun, and I just can't wait to catch up with my peeps!  At the same time, I'm concerned for a family member in the hospital with some serious injuries, and I'm praying SO HARD that he'll be ok.  Say a prayer with me?  I appreciate it. 

Monday, August 19, 2013

Monday Muses.

So what did my mind wander about this weekend?

-- True Love is Beautiful.  I attended a wedding of this couple that are so totally and completely in love. The wedding was So Simple and you know what, it was ten times as beautiful because of it. All you could see was the Bride, the Groom and their Love. They totally glowed with it. And were so gracious in speaking to everyone, so thankful to each person for sharing an afternoon and a lifetime moment with them. Truly, it was beautiful.

-- People who honestly understand God's Blessings amaze me.  A lady who has been seriously sick for 2+ years, in and out of the hospital, lost half of her kidneys, liver, and more - all her reproductive organs - she shared with me how God has blessed her.  She has been in and out of the hospital for years, 22 days, 15 days, you get the picture ... her bills are sky-high. And she's sharing how blessed she is for now understanding how people with serious health issues deal with them. Especially those with children, and she's thankful to understand their struggles now. Wow. She gets it in a way I haven't opened up to yet. I have a lot to learn.

-- Don't kiss off people just because they are leaving your life or you are leaving theirs. Minimize the hard feelings and let it go.  Trust me, there is a strong possibility they'll pop back up at some point and you may regret the actions of the past.  Hmmm... yeah.

So there. That's what I've had ping ponging about in my mind. :)

How was your weekend? In addition to the wedding and working on scrapbooks, I shopped with my sister and Macy and I skipped my 20th high school reunion this weekend.  I kinda felt down for a moment about skipping the reunion, but when I saw they were still up at 6:15 a.m. the next morning, I realized it wasn't a bad thing to miss it at all.  Not many of my old peeps were there, and I don't really share anything with these people anymore. No hard feelings (remember what I just said!) but it's ok I didn't go.  Maybe next time - the 50th or something.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Monday Muse.

Have you noticed that those things that annoy the HECK out of you are things that usually show up in yourself?  No really, I've heard that a million times, but this weekend I was grousing in my head about someone and their tendency to do XYZ.

Then I realized, oh...well, I've done that, too, but it was different when I did because... ABC. As I continued to the grousing and justification, I just had to laugh before it was all over. Because what I had done and what this other person had done really aren't different at all. No way to justify.

Isn't it interesting when you come to a realization like this? Yeah...


I discovered this weekend why movie theaters shouldn't sell beer.  Drunk people in movies are funny but distracting. But again, they are funny.


Sadly, that same night, I overheard our waitress tell someone she thinks her kids should only have to go to school for six months. It wasn't fair them going to school for nine and then off for only 2.5.  I'm not sure where the other half month went, ... holidays?


This sweet baby girl went on vacay with her family this weekend - I haven't seen her since THURSDAY! This is totally unacceptable. Can't wait to get home and snuggle on her tonight.

Ok folks, there are your Monday Muses.  I hope your week is FABULOUS! :)

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Awww, thanks Morgan Family!

I'm feeling very special this morning, because Leslie & Matt Morgan at Did You Hear About The Morgans chose me for their Liebster Award! :)  Many thanks, ya'll, I'm very honored.

I've had the Liebster Award twice before (read here and here) and it just tickles me pink because someone out there thinks I'm cool enough to share me with their peeps.  I'm glowing with happiness! :)

So Liebster, what is that?  Basically, in German, "Liebster" means kind, love, happy, friendly, - you know, just down right awesome.  I do have many blogs I follow but most have been nominated for this award or have more than 200 followers, which is one of the stipulations for the award (to have less than 200 followers).  I hate not to pay it forward, but know I still love ya'll. :)

SO, as part of the awesomness of the award, I should answer the 11 questions Leslie has asked of me! Drum roll please....

1. Favorite comfort food?  I never fix them for myself, but mom's pinto beans and cornbread always hits the spot.
2. Favorite movie of ALL TIME? Oh holy night. Maybe Animal House? :) 
3. Favorite hobby? Scrpabooking! 
4. If you had a full Saturday without any plans, What would you do? I usually spend those scrapping for my business.  OUtside of that, I shop with mom and visit with my sister and nieces.
5. #1 item on your bucket list? Yeah I don't have one of those. I need to make one.
6. Favorite memory of high school/college? Most of those days were good ones to me. A million friends all in one spot from 8 - 8 (due to band practice) what's not to love?
7. Favorite dessert? Tiramasu
8. Current favorite TV show?  Big Brother! Bachelorette! and NCIS OH And DOWNTON ABBEY!!!
9. Favorite ice cream flavor? Mint chocolate chip maybe?
10. Favorite Vacation Spot?  I don't think I've found it yet. :)  I usually do the beach, love the mountains... but I think there is a perfect spot I haven't discovered yet. 
11. Favorite Restaurant?  The Clock in Gaffney. 

Ok folks, more than you'd ever want to know about me. :)  Thanks again to The Morgans for sharing some love with me.  Ya'll go have a great hump day!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Monday Muse.

I've been having all these conversations with myself lately - so here, enjoy the depths of my mind.

  • Why aren't people open to making new friends? I'm baffled by this. I've met people here online and in person at various places and thought to myself - they are pretty cool! I'd like to get to know them better and become friends! But you can tell they are shut off totally from opening up to new people. Not Interested in the least. I really don't understand that at all.
  • A dear friend is struggling with having to put her pet down.  As you very well know if you read here much, this was one of the toughest things I've ever had to do. So my heart is aching for her right now.
  • Another friend struggled with coworkers who were ALWAYS late everyday. And here she is working her full eight hours while someone else is stealing time off the clock. We all have worked with this type of person at one time or another. She is very wise, she finally realized she agreed to a certain wage for a certain amount of time. Her responsiblity was to keep up her end of the bargin. This other coworker wasn't her responsibility.  AMEN. What a wise person my friend is, right? It's hard to do, but the coworker will have to live with her decisions and we must live with ours.
  • Why can't I get motivated to lose weight? I want to. I need to. But I have not managed to push myself off the couch yet.  Hmm... I've got to find that thing that encourages me to MOVE IT! Stay tuned on this.
So yeah, I think that's where my mind is at from this weekend.  I did some more work on Pressed Clovers but for some reason I wasn't happy with my work.  I ended up putting it down and will come back to it later this week.  Pressed Clovers is very important to me so I want to feel good about what I'm putting out there.  So putting it down for a day was just a better move, I think. 

Ok ya'll, go have a great week! :)
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