Saturday, September 29, 2012


Since it's almost 5pm, I think I can sum up my one day off this week... Productive. Work. Success.

We've been put on notice, this is our last day off until after the election. Instead of resting, I have really accomplished some stuff.

Like getting over the stomach bug. Ugh.

Really making a dent in the Christmas orders for Pressed Clovers.

Yes, Christmas has exploded all over my house and glitter is popping up everywhere.

Muffin is helping... Yeah right.

Did I tell you she chewed an entire stack of pages ready to make into two books? Yeah, not a happy mommy.

I installed a new toilet seat I got for my birthday and only dropped the screwdriver in the toilet once.

I halfway swept.

So yeah, I'm ready for a nap but instead plan on working on my books a bit more and maybe making an apple cake. If I jack the air conditioning down far enough, it almost feels like autumn...

Because you haven't seen an Ellie pictures lately, I'll leave you with a picture or two from dinner last night!

Leave me a message and let me know what exciting things you are getting into this weekend! Or a link to your favorite autumnal dish!
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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Thirty Things on Thursday - 10

Today's Question:  Describe your most embarrassing moment. 

I'm not sure what to say here. And I'm not sure if that's because I've had so many embarrassing moments, how do I pick just one? Or because I usually forget them shortly thereafter and therefore can't remember a stand-out pick?

Well, here is one of the more recent ones for your enjoyment. 

Imagine with me a huge important oh-la-la military function.  Hundreds of folks in their fancy dress blues and I'm there supporting my man.  I'm in a black dress with a dramatic low back, hair in a swooped up-do, and we were looking good. 

The first mistake was not reading the directions to the stick-on bra. The second was wearing shoes with non-adjustable heel straps.  So we arrive, we are feeling pretty good, even if my fancy shoes were more like flip flops as I tried to keep the heel straps in place.  We found our table with all my man's supporters - his boss, his boss' boss, and that man's boss and a few other co-workers scattered in there, too. I'm the only gal at the table. 

Before we are all seated, I shuffle to the restroom (trying to keep those shoes ON MY FEET) and attempt to re-stick one side of the stupid bra.  It will NOT stay affixed to the skin on my right side, no matter how much I beg, pray, etc. I shuffle back to the table, holding my right arm tight against my side in an effort to actually keep the bra in place. 

Once it's our turn, we go to get our desired meal for the night and as I'm in line, I feel something shimmer down my bare back. I try to ignore it, but it happens again. Then again at the table... um, yes - that would be my bobby pins falling from the up-do and now littering the floor whenever I go. Not like I'm not enough of a nervous wreck since I have NO idea how to eat at a formal setting and I discovered I've claimed the bread plate of the man sitting next to me ... oops.

Yes, it's a long story.  I'll skip over other parts (like my cheap rhinestone bracelet literally snapping in two and falling off my wrist....or the random inappropriate thing I said to the highest ranking man at the table.) 

Let me say, by the end of the night, I had Picasso boobs as I could no longer hold the evil bra into place and the right side has now slipped down to rest near my right ribs. The cups on those suckers could float a small cat they are so well molded, so it's not like it flattened out with my boob no longer in it. Oh no, it's a perfectly perky boob protruding from the right of my ribs. 

Not until I got in the car did my man ask what the pokey thing was that was jacking up the front of my dress - OH!! That would be the UNDERWIRE which has slipped from the bra and was creating a mini tent at the very top of my dress! Hairpins have escaped every which way, my shoes were worthless... let's just say I was one hot mess. 

And this folks, this was the impression I left on those big wigs in the military. Ahhh... I can't help but laugh. Because heck, what else can you do? 

Thirty Things on Thursday... you are definitely making me relive some GREAT MEMORIES (sarcasm... hahahaha)  Hope ya'll enjoyed it. :) 

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Last night I spoke to a group of college students about registering to vote, what to expect on Election Day and so on. After working all day plus some, I presented starting at 7:30 pm.

Midway through, I saw a flash of light - a camera phone - and then I got nervous. What if someone is recording this, unbeknownst to me, and posting it to You Tube? Are they making fun of me? Will they try to prove what I'm saying is wrong? What will they do with it?

To tell you how paranoid I am, I checked You Tube last night.

You know, it's really frustrating that you have to worry about things like this. Where are the basic manners of people anymore? (not saying this group, heck if I know if they recorded it...but I do know they were taking pictures)

Earlier this week I was sitting in my car in a parking lot, finishing up a phone conversation. I look across at the person parked in from of me, and it seems she's taking my picture. What? I have no idea why or what she would do with it... Maybe make fun of the girl talking in the parking lot. But why? It's not that exciting or entertaining. But you know what, I've seen similar posted on facebook. People don't recognize privacy anymore.

I'll say this about last night's presentation...If I find anything posted online, I will contact the organizer. Not that I will, but it's sad that is a concern to even consider.

Technology...a blessing and a curse.
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Monday, September 24, 2012

Muffin Monday + Macy!

Mondays are kickin' my butt, let me tell you.  I figure you are in the same boat.  So this morning, let me not only jump start your week with Muffin, the adorable kitten we all love, but also with MACY, who makes everyone smile.  I'm sure you are included in this "everyone."

Muffin is really missing me being at home, I think, and is acting out in bad ways.  Here she is beside my bed (yes, that's a bobby pin in the floor).  She is trying new stunts, like laying beside the bed and making annoying meow noises instead of getting in bed to be petted.  I think she's just trying my patience.

Because my nights are getting later, I really try to visit her in the morning, when she's a happy baby.  Her bib says Keep the Cupcakes Coming.  A girl after my own heart. <3  I love starting my day off with her in the mornings. I think it makes me appreciate my day just a little bit more.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Friday's Letters - 12 ... on Saturday again.

So life has become very hectic as our office is preparing for the 2012 General Election.  You wouldn't believe the work required on the back-end, stuff you'll never see.  This morning, it's stuff 3,000 ballots for those voting by mail. Indeed.

So here is my week, which really went by in a blur:

Dear Lord, thank you for the beautiful scenery you give me.  Sunsets and sunrises, foggy days, cloudy day - they are always so interesting when I actually take the time to stop and look. I appreciate you giving me this little present every time I drive to work.

Dear Macy, I know you are going to be grown three months by the time I get to spend any amount of time with you. So the mornings I get to swing by your house in the morning before work are what keeps me going... and I'm so thankful you are a morning baby and are all giggles, smiles and love in the morning.

Dear "students,"  You make my day when you enjoy my class so much and get excited about working on Election Day. Your enthusiasm for being part of the process - part of history - is very encouraging when I'm tired and thinking I sound like I make no sense. Thanks for keeping me going.

Dear Pressed Clovers customers,  I'm so thankful for you! Another book is flying through the mail system to arrive at a happy Grace's house!  I have a very exciting order to fulfill before December, so I'm looking forward to wrapping up this election and beginning on this new adventure!

Ok, I'm off to get back to work! :)  Thanks for reading!


Thursday, September 20, 2012

Thirty Things on Thursday - 9

Keeping up with the Thirty Things ....

Week 9: List 10 people who have influenced you and describe how.

  1. My parents (do they count for two?).  Ok, They count for two. They are awesome. Seriously great parents, consistent when we were kids, they backed each other up, they didn't argue or complain about money in front of us, they supported us in what we wanted to try if they could afford it and they raised us in the Church.  As we became adults, I'm finding out some of the trials they survived and the tough times they had when we were kids and I respect them all that much more.
  2. My grandmother. She was a very strong woman who kept her 12 kids clothed and fed with little money coming into the house. She was a Christian woman, knew the Bible and hummed hymns in the kitchen. And she never spoke poorly of anyone... she just wouldn't say anything at all. I wish I could be much more like her.
  3. This might sound silly, but Laura Bush. I have looked up to her since she first came on the scene because she has such poise and grace under any circumstance.  She is someone I've wanted to learn more about and mimic, although I'm nothing like her.
  4. Paulene.  When I first met Paulene, she was so very shy and quiet. Since that time, she has turned into a mastermind  behind her own Etsy shop, proudly selling her designs on stationary and invitations and doing VERY well at it. She's much more talented than me and confident - she's definitely an inspiration to me that I admire greatly.
  5. MJ. MJ is very much like Laura Bush, but she's actually someone I know! :)  It's with her support and encouragement I have volunteered in leadership positions and tried for other areas of personal growth. She is a great influence and sports a huge heart.  I'm thankful to have her as my friend and mentor.
  6. My Ex BF.  We were friends for a million years and I made a very tough decision to let him go so I could move forward.  But make no mistake, he was a huge influence on my life - especially during the three years we dated.  He helped teach me to stand up for myself, to logically present my "case," to debate with the best of them, and he made me feel very beautiful despite being one very chunky monkey.
  7. Grace.  She and I really butted heads for a while there, and I know me - I didn't change. But one day she did and I can't imagine how difficult that was to do. She is someone I greatly respect now and I'm so glad we are friends! It's a crazy story to look back on, but she is a much bigger person than I am. I have a lot to learn from her.
  8. Sherry!  Sherry is one of the most unique individuals with a radar for people. She can tune into what the issue is in a blink.  It's amazing. I've turned to her for counsel many times over the years and I respect her opinions. I wish she lived closer, although she probably glad she doesn't so she doesn't have to listen to me as much!
  9. YOU. You, the bloggers, the commenters, and the readers. I love to see what you are doing, to learn from you and how you handle adversity in life. I've been inspired by your talents, your faith, your positive energy. So thank you for sharing your life with me!
  10. My parents counted for two! :)
OK. that's a long submission - but there you go. I hope you notice I rarely look up to celebrities and such. I have little time for them. It's the people in my everyday life that I have the greatest appreciation for and look to for their input and direction. 

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Make my birthday wish come true

In a very unusual way, my birthday came and went in a blink. Since I usually celebrate the entire month, barely getting a weekend is out of my norm. But it was wonderful, thanks to my family and friends!

I usually take my birthday and ask you to do something; support the USO or write a letter to our troops.

This year, I ask that you write a letter to someone you love. A child, a parent, a friend. Don't cheat- hand write it! It will be so special to them... A treasure. So share with a loved one and make my birthday wish come true!

Wish me a happy birthday...write a note to a loved one!
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Monday, September 17, 2012

Muffin Monday, the nighttime edition

Muffin, a bit upside down. But this is how she was looking at me.

Poor thing is going a bit crazy...I think she's missing me so when I am home she's being bad. Which makes me want to choke her. Like shredding the furniture bad. At 3 am. So not amused...

Anyway, I'm late but I didn't miss it entirely! :)
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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Friday's Letters -11, on Saturday...

I missed out on Friday Letter's on its appropriate day. Sorry!

Dear nature, Thank you for making some beautiful days/weather.  I love the bright blue skies and puffy white clouds that we've had lately. It's making me extremely happy and ready for some FALL weather!

Dear Pressed Clovers,  I'm excited as I wrap up another book this week! In addition to working 50+ hours this week! Woop woop! It's ready to be sent to its new home.

Dear UW Peeps, Oh my gosh, you sent me flowers for my birthday! I was completely caught off guard and over the moon with happiness at these flowers! So they ARE BEAUTIFUL! THANK YOU!

Dear Lord, thank you for making me the type of person who can stop and smell the roses.  I know I haven't spent the time with You that I should have this week, but I can still see how You are working in my life and I'm very thankful.  #shereadstruth

Dear work, I know we are on the cusp of MAJOR WORK HOURS, but it's ok because I get to enjoy these foggy drives into work, which makes me smile.  It's almost like being in a fairyland... almost.

Dear readers - I appreciate you and your feedback, please drop me a line and say hello! :)  I'm off to get back to work now... and celebrate my birthday for the next two days! Woop woop!


Thursday, September 13, 2012

so...yeah. that.

Heck if I know what's twirling around in my mind. I feel like I've neglected the blog this week simply because of my schedule. And probably the lack of sleep factors into that, too.  My sleep has been interrupted by crazy dreams... one involved those huge lizards, Komodo Dragons?

Yes, these suckers.  Isn't the thought of that enough to give anyone nightmares? Although how they appeared in my dreams, I have no idea. It's not like I've ever seen one in person. But it still makes for an unsettling sleep.

So this week has passed in a blur. I feel a bit out-of-place or like I forgot to do something or I'm missing something.  Do you ever feel like that? For example, in one morning, I forgot to disarm the alarm before walking out the front door. I NEVER DO THAT. Then I fumbled for my key fob and turned it off. Rearmed. Then forgot to lock the front door. I NEVER DO THAT EITHER. I was half way down the road when I started thinking about it, turned around and went back to discover that yes indeed, my door was unlocked.

Do you remember that someone tried to kick in my doors? So yeah, I don't forget things like that.

So what's wrong with me? Am I just losing my mind or what? Who knows, but something's got to give because I really need my brain engaged.

Despite all of these bizarre feelings of not being in sync with myself, I'm actually excited about wrapping up this election (which is still 1.5 months away) and moving along with Pressed Clovers! I really can't dedicate the time to it right at this moment, but there will be a time that I can and I'm looking forward to engaging the creative side of my brain for some fun stuff with paper.  I've considered instead of everything having to be an entire complete scrapbook, to sell individual pages for sale. Hmm... any thoughts on that? Just an idea.

But for now, it's 10 p.m., I'm still sitting in my office at work and I need to go home. Already Donna has called to see if I'm on my way or if the office boogie man snatched me up.  It's time. (But inside, I'm still having a little Pressed Clover party...) Sweet dreams, my imaginary friends! Don't let the bed bugs bite!

Thirty Things on Thursday - 8

8 - What are five passions you have?

  1. Our military.  As you probably read in my last Thirty on Thursday! :)  GO USA!
  2. PEOPLE! I love people. I'd love to write a book about people and take their pictures and just say LOOK - here is a book of people and how every single one of them are unique and special. :)  Maybe I should have included that in my dream job. 
  3. Family. I'm so thankful for my family, I count them as my greatest blessing and I think I'm passionate about them. Spending time with them and such. 
  4. Ok, this is harder than I thought. I'm passionate about *sigh*  hm... Helping others.  I think it's important to reach out to others in some way, shape, or fashion. 
  5. God. Not that He is last on my list... but He is so important and I'm trying to learn more about how to be the person He wants me to be.  :) 
There you go, friends. Five insights into the author of this blog. :) 

Monday, September 10, 2012

Muffin Monday

I'm not sure why Muffin has developed this obsession with my shoes for the past several months, but it's a bit bonkers. She lays on them, uses them as pillows, gnaws on them (especially the ones with sequins). I keep expecting to find shiny bits of treasure in the litter box.

My life will be getting seriously busy, so I hope I'll be able to keep up with all my weekly postings. If I fail to do so, please forgive me! :)  Ya'll have a great week!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Busy bees are happy bees

I'm trying to develop new habits when I don't sit around and watch tv or play on my phone as much. Both are serious time wasters and eat into my productivity at the house.

So yesterday afternoon/evening, I pumped up the volume on the ipod and went to work finishing up books for Pressed Clovers. These are already reserved, so I needed to get hopping!

I'm sharing pics but keep in mind they are in my messy work room with my phone!

This book is for someone who loves flowers and butterflies. I think she'll be happy!

This includes several books, including the cool book of holidays. I finished it up this morning. Can't wait to see how it looks with pictures.

Now it's time to hit the shower and get ready for church. Enjoy your last day of the weekend!
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Saturday, September 8, 2012

The details of a home

I did get up and get moving. I'm cleaning house because I know there is a time quickly approaching where I'll be working seven days a week and housework will be a dream.

I'm not done, but I've made headway. In the process, I've fallen in love with my house all over again. Here are a few detail shots. To see a better overview, look to the right and read "Before and After".

The vanity in my bedroom sports this beaded purse I found for $5 at a shop in Abbeville, SC.

The right side of my vanity, with a pic of me and my great-grandma, whose house I live in. My mom recreated a flower arrangement sent to me on my birthday over 10 years ago and it's in the back.

My quilt rack holds three quilts, one from my grandmas on each side and great-grandmother. Probably the last one she made as she died the month before I was born and she had already given it as a baby gift to me.

Also four sets of pillow cases embroidered by my grandma, mom and sister.

My bathroom mirror, an old and heavy as all get out relic I found at a yard sale. The silvering is chipping off the back, the border isn't perfect but I love it. Wish it were bright white but I'm not repainting it.

As you already know, I'm sentimental. So this painting in my bathroom is so perfect to me-painted by my mom! Wisteria, which I love, too.

My corner cabinets in the dining room. I searched like crazy until I found matching cabinets. Now they hold all kind of mismatched treasures, but they are all "me." The baby booty with Macy's footprint on the bottom, the made in occupied Japan figurines, pottery, my Palmetto tree monogram, the delicate blue crystal glasses...little pieces of me. :)

I'm very blessed to be in a family home and for it to be so beautiful. My dad really went all out, along with tons of other people, to make this house a home for me. Now to go finish cleaning It!
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Saturday mornings

It must be overcast outside because it's still a soft light coming through my windows this morning. I love my bedroom with it's silvery gray walls and white curtains ... Makes me feel like I'm in a cocoon.

Obviously I'm still in bed. It's so quiet in the house it's easy to just stay here. I've read through several days of blogs, played Words with Friends, sent off a picture of sunburn in Draw Something... but it's probably time now to get up.

This past week kicked my booty. I will admit I took a ZZZQuil last night to shut my mind down and sleep. Two thumbs up! Exactly eight hours later I woke up and didn't feel hung over! AWESOME. Then I forced myself back to sleep for an extra hour.

But now, it's on to house work and Pressed Clovers. I'll post pictures of the books as I work on them. :)

Happy Weekend!
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Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday's Letters - 10

Dear Macy, girl, you are just TOO CUTE. Even if you did barf on me, bypassing my scoop-necked shirt to just fill my bra up with your regurgitated formula. Even after that, I still adore you. 

Dear Short Week, you are killing me. I have worked harder in this one short week than I did in the two weeks before it.  Well, ok, I was off most of the week before it, but OH MY GOSH. I need a weekend so bad... and honestly, I need my extra day back at work to catch up. 

Dear #shereadstruth, I can't express to you how thankful I am for your blog. I have finally found a devotional that I want to follow and I'm gaining knowledge and insight from. I love it. I enjoy it. I benefit from it. So thank you very much! 

Dear Free Font Friday, You are totally awesome and I can't wait to play with all my new handwriting fonts! EEEIIIKKKK!! You rock! 

Dear Sara, Thanks for being my first Etsy buyer! I can't tell you how honored I am that you considered Pressed Clovers for your gift-giving needs! :)

Dear Sundrop and Nutella, thank you for existing and getting me through this week. 

Dear Big Brother, Let me explain something to you.  When you have crazy cliffhanger episodes that involve two evictions, my body doesn't settle down and allow me to sleep for a very long time.  Also, let me explain, you better not send Dan packing anytime soon because the boy had played one heck of a game and deserves to at least get to the final two.  Just saying. 

Ok, this week has totally kicked my butt, so I'm throwing in the towel and off to enjoy a great weekend with both my nieces! :)  Ya'll have a good one and go link up your letter at Friday's Letters

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Thirty Things on Thursday - 7

7.  What is your dream job and why? 

Well... I have all kinds of dream jobs.  I actually have loved every job I've had but one and that was working in the library where I was expected to be quiet.  I've loved waiting tables, being a travel agent, working for a nonprofit, ... all kinds of great memories.

But if I had to pick a dream job:  I think it would be working for the USO or another organization that directly impacts the troops. I really love our military and cheer for them in my heart like none other. If I could do something that makes their life better while deployed, I'd be in hog heaven.

There you go. Want to share your dream job?

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Twirly Eyes, Swirly Eyes

She can be yours!  Visit here!

Do you see the googly eyes on this girl? This is a bit what I look like right now.  It's been a 13-hour day, coming off of the 7 day break I just had to snuggle on Miss Macy.  My eyes feel like swirls going bonkers as they twirl and twirl. HAHAHA.

How sweet is my dad, offering to deliver corn on the cob to my house because he knows how much I love it and how tired I am? I love having such a wonderful family literally next door to my house.

So yes, things are picking up at the office with all the talk about candidates and elections.  But it's good. Wild and crazy and a bit earlier than I anticipated, but it really gets the blood flowing and the energy sparking.  Now... I'm not sure I'll be saying the same thing a month from now. Hmm... :)

And now - I'm off to buy formula for Miss Macy, then crashing before it all starts over tomorrow. Night!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Muffin and Macy Monday

Muffin, lounging in my bed. She's so ready for me to go back to work it isn't even funny.

Macy. Yes, I realize this child will hate me one day for all the pictures I take of her. Hee hee

Hope you have a restful Labor Day. Enjoy your day off!
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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Early mornings

For whatever reason, I woke up well before 6 am with every intention of taking pics of the Blue Moon that illuminated my room...and then I went back to sleep. I did roll out just after six and captured the sunrise instead.

I figured since I was up I should be productive and work on my Pressed Clover orders.

Just before mom walked over for our shopping trip, I managed to finish my first baby boy book. It's precious!

All I have left is the end page and title page. Then it will be ready for the mom-to-be to ohhhh and ahhhhhh over it at her shower!

I'm creating two of these at once since I already have two requests. It's a book of all the major holidays in a calendar year. My mom's idea and I love it. Isn't that typically when we pull out the camera anyway? Hope to have them finished before Tuesday.

The beginnings of a butterfly book to fulfill an order that will go to my dear sweet cousin on her birthday. She loves butterflies, flowers and cats, so we'll just have to see what we can do!

Mom and I ventured into Charlotte to spend a gift certificate she had to a baby boutique up there. Well...the christening dees she wanted was $260+ and her certificate was for $40. Yeah. But she did find two amazingly beautiful dresses that were only $40 after the certificate. :) We really had a great time.

Now to get ready for my cousin's wedding shower/cookout. Tomorrow is a must-clean-my-house-day after church! I've been to busy to get to it lately (not that I'm complaining)!

See you for Muffin Monday if not before!
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