Saturday, September 26, 2015

This Prayer Chain is Sponsored By...

So last night and the day before we had another incident in our family and quite frankly, I just don't think any of us had it in us to add the family to our church's prayer chain again. I mean, really, just name it after us. Give us sponsorship rights or something.

But once again, God pulled us through and the best possible scenario was given to us. So thankful. SOOOOOOO thankful. Can you please continue to pray for us? I appreciate it. 

So there is good news: my unborn twin nephews are continuing to grow and do well and their mama is doing well, too! We are so thankful for every day they hang tight. Tomorrow is 27 weeks!! This is huge- doctors are really wanting to see them make it to 28 weeks. Very close! :)

My friend in Alabama has seen successes with her husband. Successes we have all been praying for and hoping for and just when things get worse, BOOM, success happens. She is one of the most faithful and faith-based people I know. Seeing her in this time she's dealing with has also been encouraging. 

Ok so a blog post without pics is not exciting. Let's see what I have in my phone...

Serious - how cute is this!? 

I really want something like this in the house. Then I think about storing it - hmmm but it's so pretty!!!

Do you see this curl??? I love tugging this curl. Everyone seems so fascinated with her hair. I know we are because we have ZERO cute curls in our family. But everyone in the public loves it, too. 

Ok it's time to get moving. Y'all have a great autumnal weekend. :)

Monday, September 21, 2015

Sleepless in SC

Ugh. It's almost 4:00 am and I've been awake since 2:00. Of course, today kicks off a crazy busy time at work where my long hours start and here I am, wide awake and feeling kinda sick. Probably from lack of sleep! I think I'm getting too old for this job - the crazy hours kick my butt.

Last week I enjoyed lunch with Macy at preschool. She'd asked me if I could see her at school a few weeks before. I knew if I didn't go now, it would be awhile before I'd be able to take off work again. 

In celebration of Grandparents' Day, they were invited to lunch with the grand kids, so MawMaw was meeting us there, too. When she sees me she says, "Bethie! Where's MawMaw?" Oh well, she and MawMaw are besties. ;) 

She was so afraid of the tire bridge. But she conquered it! And was so proud of herself! We were very proud, too. 

Did I mention my 40th birthday was in September? Oh yeah, FORTY!!! (Pumpkin donuts. Ohhhh yeah)

Someone decided to decorate my mailbox and roll my yard... Wonder who? I still have streamers in the bushes...the ROSE BUSHES. So yeah those decorations maybe be staying. 

What a sunrise!! So beautiful! It's been a while since I've seen one so I really soaked up this one.

Maybe I should do this blogging in the middle of the night more often - I passed out with the phone on my chest! woop woop! It's Monday, ya'll, go have a wonderful week.  :)

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

A State of Mind

I've written post after post, saved them into drafts to come back and post later, only to never return to them. They didn't feel right. It was a lot of moping and sadness and stress and worry.

This Sunday in Sunday School we looked at Philippians 4:4-8 where Paul shares that we are to set our minds on things that are godly. We are to cultivate a spirit of joy despite our circumstances. And it was hearing this that I realized I've let circumstances shape me instead of finding the joy and blessings in my circumstances. 

It's been a difficult few months, heck - years! - but when I took time each night to be thankful, I was much happier. I also discovered when you get out of the habit of being thankful, it's more difficult to find things to be thankful for ... Like your vision is clouded with negativity and the positive things are overshadowed. 

I'm learning, taking baby steps. Weeding out the things that don't enhance my vision and trying to bring back the peace of God - it's only found in Him. 

Are you ready for some photos? Because I haven't shared any in a while. 

I shared my chocolate and she thoroughly enjoyed it hahaha!! I have been so blessed to have a good bit of time with this sweet niece. 

One of my new favorites of my sweet nieces. This was after AH's first volleyball game of the season. The next game they won! Go girls!!! 

Here she is about to switch places with her teammate so she will be in the middle. I think they are loving her height on the team ;) 

#TargetDog !! #KidsGotStyle - she loved the Target dog - hugged it and talked to it. I'm sparing you from the half dozen photos I took. 

Tomorrow is my 40th birthday and my friend and PenPal, Raynore, understands my love of HK and celebrating alllll month long! :) 

Ready to party at our cousin's one-year get together. Love this pic, it just cracks me up! 

My parents and sweet niece this weekend. It was beautiful weather and Dad fixed the swingset and sliding board. That girl played her heart out!! 

And this photo sums up my Dad. No one makes him laugh as much as Little Miss here. 

These are such awesome blessings. And just a few I managed to snap a picture of - so many more are stored away in my heart. 
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