Thursday, June 23, 2011

Belated Father's Day

Since the family came back from vacation on the Saturday before Father's Day, I didn't do the posting here about my dad that I wanted to do.  So I'm doing it late because Pops definitely deserves an entry all to himself about how awesome he is.  And my dad - oh yeah, awesome.

Dad is a total goofball most of the time, creating nicknames for almost everyone who comes into our house. Mine - Leroy. Don't ask. But it's my nickname. He is smart, can rig up stuff and make stuff - it's crazy what he can fix, make or destroy and recreate.  Without him, there is no way I could have moved into the house I'm living in now. He did so much of the work himself and I just can't thank him enough.

Hardheaded - holy cow let me tell you, I get that trait honest. But he's good hearted, full of love and no matter what, I know I will ALWAYS be Daddy's Little Girl.  Happy Father's Day, Pop, I love you!

Now - to let you in on what the three kids and their spouses did for Pop this Father's Day.  My brother, who is very clever and quick-witted, made this poem to go in the card, which Pop opened up:

As for being our Dad,
you were never a quitter,
so for this Father's day to say thanks
we bought you a shitter. 

We searched and searched
for just the right fit
so now you can comfortably
take a ... pooh.

Yep, we bought Pop a "tall man toilet" to make life a little more comfy for him.  He's 6'6" and not overly skinny these days, so I think this will be easier on him.  Needless to say, he got a huge laugh out of the poem and more than one chuckle from the fact he received a crapper for Father's Day.  That's love for you!

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