Thursday, January 31, 2013

Shower Registry Book - Great Gift Idea!

No more scraps of wrapping paper to keep a register of gifts at a shower. No more pages ripped from a spiral bound notebook.  This book solves this problem and creates a great keepsake!  It's not a scrapbook for photos, it's a registry book to record the gifts from all your wedding showers.

Each book starts with four shower registry pages - the info sheet that records the hostess, date, time, location and notes for each shower.  And each shower includes 48 places to record the name and gifts received with a little box for you to check off when a thank you note is sent.

Each book also includes a miscellaneous section so you can record gifts outside of a shower or received at your wedding.  This section contains 72 spaces to record names/gifts.

These books came about because my mom wanted to give one to my cousin who was getting married a registry book for all her showers and the just didn't seem to exist. So I made one. And then another. And now people want them to make keepsakes of their showers (baby shower, wedding shower, whatever) in one pretty book, instead of scraps of wrapping paper or torn out sheets from a spiral notebook.  My sister kept using hers after Macy was born for the batism and whatnot so she could keep up with what thank you notes she had written.

Awesome gift idea, too, btw. One day maybe I'll get married and get to use one! :)  HAHA!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Pinned it, Did it.

Please, let me jump on the "I pinned it then I did it" bandwagon here with this project from this weekend.  Let me start by saying - I could have read the actual blog first before just looking at the picture and jumping in, but what fun is that?!  Yeah...

So anyway, here is the one I pinned, and here is the website you can find it on:

She had a 2-year-old and a 3-month-old.  I was working with an almost 11-year-old and a 7-month-old.  She used drawing paper, I used canvas... a large canvas to fit that large 11-year-old's hand onto.  I probably should have painted the off-white canvas bright white, but I didn't.

Also, USE BRIGHT RED paint. I had red, which I thought would work, but the handprint ended up looking like a bloody handprint. Yeah, that wasn't making me happy, so I filled it in. Then mom said - you took all the wrinkles out! So, I got her to do it in white paint over the red. That didn't show up. So we did pink over the white/red and it showed up better, but WHATEVER. It really ended up being a mess.

Seriously? How can I possibly make this difficult? But here is my result:

I think I need to fatten up my "L" and I may still do that. The dots actually ran after I was done, so I don't know what to do with them.  But regardless, this is what the kids are giving to their parents for Valentine's Day. :)  So there, Pinned it and Did It. Woop woop!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Cara Box Reveal!

Cara Box

It's time for CARA BOX REVEAL!!! This is the first month I have done Cara Box and I LOVED it. Basically, you submit your name to be part of this program.  You will receive a person to give a gift to and someone will send you a gift.  You spend some time getting to know them, you make two new friends, you assemble a box of goodies under $15 for your partner that fits the theme of the month and you have a box arrive on your porch with goodies for you! Is this awesome or what?!  I know, totally love it.

The person I created a box for was Amy.  This story is a bit crazy as she is a Carolina gal living in Kansas. Come to find out, I know her people here in my community! CRAZY?! I think so!  Amy's blog is here and she can tell you more about what I sent her. :)

Andrea (her blog is here!) received my name and she is awesome! :) She sent a list of questions to learn more about me, followed me on instagram and facebook and I just wish we lived closer! I love her inspirational posts that are so uplifting!  This month, Cara Box was about resolutions, but I don't really do resolutions, so I know I made it hard on her. But she did REALLY GREAT!

Yesterday my present was waiting for me on my porch, too adorable.  I was ready to do flips to see what was inside. :)  It was STUFFED full of fun, just for me!

Everything was wrapped really pretty but I took care of that in no time. :)  I love PINK and loved the pink poofs tied to everything. Muffin is going to have a grand time chasing them around the house!

I have chosen "one little word" to apply to my life this year, which is Simplify.  Andrea included the planner to help me get organized and simplify my daily life. 

 I LOVE these notecards!  The first says, "Be encouraged, I will never leave you nor forsake you." - a Bible verse, and how totally encouraging is that? And the second is just beautiful, with rhinestones on the upper right side of the cross.  The envelopes are awesome, too, which is one of those little things I LOVE about stationary. Cool envelopes. :)  The pen is now part of my Thankful Journal and it also mentions living simply.  I am so thankful I chose this word! 

This is just for me! Body mist and lotion to pamper myself - and the card which was full of encouragement. Andrea didn't know it, but I had dropped my bottle of perfume and shattered the bottle, leaving me "scentless." So this is awesome! :) 

Cara Box has been such a blessing, I am so thankful for the two ladies I met through the program. It always amazes me the online network of Christian women out there, and I was matched up with two of them! :) YAY!  

I'm off to link up with everyone else - thanks again, Andrea!! You did an awesome job!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Muffin Monday - Guest!

I know, this isn't a cat at all! It's BIRDS! This is what I look at out my back window as I work on scrapbooks and such.  Muffin is usually on the bed, watching out the window with me. :)  It's so peaceful as they fly about, nibbling on the birdseed.  The bottom picture, do you see the bird coming in for a landing? They were really nice and restful to watch.

I needed restful.  Seems that the picture I linked to in my Friday's Letter post (pic of Ja'Brie) was replaced some time over the weekend with a large photo of an oiled up booty stuffed into a small thong.  I about choked when I saw it because there was nothing I could do about it at home. No internet access. SSSSoooooo.... I was literally stuck with this booty decorating my page.  Guess that's what I get for linking instead of uploading. Granted, if  my booty was as nice as that one, I might be tempted to oil it up, stuff it in a thong and take pictures of it (and you believe that, right?).

Anyway, ya'll have a great week, and I'll see you back here one day this week!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

How Was I Supposed To Know?

Donna and I headed to see Les Mis after a tasty dinner tonight. (note here about our size 0 waitress who kept saying she was fat and was going to the doctor. Really wanted to gag her, snatch her bald headed, you get the idea. Now I'll return you to the story.)

I loved the music of Les Mis in high school and really wanted to see it on the big screen. I knew it was long, I heard mixed reviews, but I rrreeeaaaallllllllyyy wanted to see it. So, how did I miss the entire storyline when I listened to this music 20 years ago, because I did NOT know it was sad. Dang, everyone and their uncle's cousin twice removed kicks it in this film! If I hadn't been with Donna, who I knew who laugh at me, I would have bawled! (My friend Emily pointed out the title should have given me a clue...)

Donna leaned over and said, are they singing through the whole movie? Yes and no... They are all singing except Russell Crowe, he is trying to sing...

 So I now understand the music better and I'm not sure I love it quite as I did 20 years ago. It's so sad! But still good. Glad I watched it in the theater, otherwise I would have fast forwarded through some of the singing and missed the plot.

Ta DA! My review of Les Mis! Everyone dies and Russell can't sing. :)

Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday's Letter

Three generations of love in this picture! :)  Too adorable. 

Dear Thickety Goodness aka Lizard's Thicket, thanks for being the great backdrop for a wonderful get together with Paulene. I know you were ready to pry my butt out of your booth after the multi-hour visit, but it was so worth it. Sorry. :)

Dear Whacked-Out Back, please keep improving. You were causing me some issues this weekend and it wasn't very fun. Be nice, please?

Dear Long Weekend, Thanks for being so productive. It was so totally awesome to get so much done - I felt accomplished. Yeah!

Dear Icy Conditions, Please go away. I'm not a fan of yours. 20 accidents in my county right at this moment? Seriously? We are kinda rural around here, so this isn't sounding very good. And I didn't buy any milk. (although, why bother, if the power goes out, what am I going to do - cry over spoiled milk? HAHAHA... OK, maybe not so funny...)

Dear Sara & Elizabeth - YAY! I'm so excited we had lunch together! YAYYAYAYAY! And I'm tickled to have had dinner last night with you, Sara. And to see how tickled you were to receive a Southern Church Lady Cookbook, that made me laugh. Can't wait to see what you cook up!

Ja'Bria Barber, you have my vote on Idol all the way.  Being a hometown girl, I'm backing you. So excited to see you represent the hometown so well and your voice is awesome. GO GIRL!

Dear Peeps, if you have Facebook, please consider finding Pressed Clovers and liking my page! :)  Many many thank yous! :) 

Now go link yourself up with Ashleigh!


Thursday, January 24, 2013

Giggly & Giddy Morning!

Can you imagine starting your day off with this sweet, smiling, adorable baby girl every morning?! LOVE IT. And today when I got to her house and saw her wearing this perfectly adorable onsie announcing to the world that her Auntie is the BEST!... well, I had to have a picture. Even with my double chins, I loved it. Even with antenna poking out of the top of my head... LOVED IT!

I'm so sad she's growing so fast.  No longer is she the little tiny baby that didn't weigh a thing, so small and snuggly. She's wide open, full of energy, trying to talk and walk.  And do you see her little toothies shining there at the bottom?  Two of them... and they can CHOMP. Dad calls her, "Precious," I can't help but agree!

Sweet niece #2, I love you.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Four New Books

Ya'll, this is one tired puppy. I have been in training all day to learn how to manage conflict and confrontation.  Ohhh.. my body aches. But it was a really good class. I laughingly decided I sounded like a bully because I love to use sarcasm. *sigh* I am definitely working on a new attitude, as I've become more frowny faced than I used to be. Back to writing in my Thankful Journal on a regular basis. I really does help refocus me to the positive.

So, as you already know, I took this weekend to create books. It felt so good to create... love it. And I managed to post four of them online today - so go check them out.  Bookmark me, so me some love. :)

We have baby boy books ready now! Loved the adorable cuteness of these baby books. There were already a baby girl and neutral baby for those who didn't want to be overcome with blue and pink. Or, who have a shy baby like Macy was for us.
We have tween/girl books for those girls ages 1 - 8 or so. Lots of glitter, glitz, flowers, butterflies and just all things adorably girlie.  My older sweet niece, AH, loved the one I gave her for Christmas. Was over the moon. I think she felt so grown up. :)
And I added two holiday / calendar books that include all the major holidays. You'll just have to check them out, they are each different, so sometimes it's just a matter of preference. The girls at work couldn't decide which one they would prefer. I like the crazy cat myself.

I'm excited, I should get my Cara Box this week! EEEKKK!!! So excited! My first time, as you already know, so I'm just giggly wondering what is coming in the mail!! I've had such an amazing time meeting these two girls and getting to know them better. I highly recommend everyone trying it and seeing if Cara Box is for you.  It's been really wonderful for me.

Ok, I need to get moving and keep getting stuff done. I'm zonked and really want a hot bath and a good book, but that will have to wait just a little while longer. Hope your hump day was fabulous and give me some feedback on what you think of the new books.

Thanks ya'll - I really appreciate you and all the support you've given me here! It's just amazing!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A Spark!

Oh my imaginary friends, I'm so excited today...bubbling with happiness! It's due to the creative beast that has grabbed a hold of me and is allowing me to FOCUS and WORK and accomplish things. Love it.

I realize this doesn't look organized, but it is - organized chaos I suppose. I knew this long weekend was coming and I required myself to make it count. Friday night I started cutting and laying out scrapbooks to assemble.

Saturday was a time out to visit Paulene. So happy to see her! She is so inspiring, positive, happy...just awesome. AND the visit included Lizards Thicket, oh yeah. Yummy Thickey goodness in my tummy!

Sunday I wasn't feeling well so I kinda crashed and re-watched Downton Abbey season 1 to gear up for season 3 that night. Love love love this show!

Then Monday came. Oooohhhhhyyyeeeaaahhhh.. Bow bow, chickachicka... Do you even know what song I'm singing? Think Ferris... ANYWAY, this crazy long post to tell you I've created new books!

This craziness is turned into books! Four are ready to go and another is well on it's way...

See them all lined up, ready to be posted on Pressed Clovers? I'll let you know when they get there.

The last one I'm working on today. It's made me think of my grandmother the entire time I've worked on it. So I think that's how I'll market it, a grandmother or mother, or even a generations book.

Do you know I've never made one of these books for me to keep? I think I'll make me one of my grandmother and me. She's been gone about six years now but her influence and love is still keenly felt. So maybe the last book I make this week will be a keeper. :)

For now, I'm hitting the shower and then visiting friends for lunch. I extended my weekend by taking today off from the full-time job (yay!). Hopefully, I'll have new inventory in the store by mid-week!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Muffin Monday

Muffin, the demon cat. Slightly appropriate since she just bit me this morning. She was lying on my tummy and when I petted her back towards her hind leg, she let me know that didn't make her happy. She is 12+ years old, so I know she's getting old and crotchety.

There, enjoy non demonic pic Miss Muffin. :)

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Crafty #Success!

So excited! If you remember, last weekend was a craft #fail with a wreath that ended up looking like a murdered mermaid. That crap is still sitting in a spare chair at mom's house. Tee hee...

This weekend, I wanted a banner for Valentine's Day and I wanted it now. So this project needed to be simple and quick.

Ta da! Simple heart doilies from Hobby Lobby and some skinny ribbon. I like it, it makes me very happy.

I'm not sure it can get more simple than this. Anyway, the next project I stumbled upon online: marblized Christmas ornaments. Cup of water,Ornaments, nail polish, toothpick and you are ready to go.

Drop dots into the water and swirl with the toothpick. Dip the ornament in and there you go! Go to you tube and look up marblized fingernails because it's the same. I need a lot of practice and smaller ornaments, but it was fun and turned out interesting. And it did work!

So these are making me happier...sorta success is better than total fail!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday's Letter

Dear Southern Winter,
    You see, I live in the south to avoid issues like the one above. Ice that won't allow me to open the car door without a serious struggle is not funny.  Pretty maybe, but not funny. But thank you for not dumping serious amounts of snow on us. 

Dear Muffin,
    I realize everything in the house is yours, by virtue of you being a cat. However, I did want to read that letter before you claimed it and wrinkled it up with your large furry self. 

Dear Macy,
    You are stinkin' adorable. You are barely seven months old and I can't remember what life was like before you were here. Your joy is just so beautiful. Your crazy laughter this morning was beyond precious!  I <3 my two adorable sweet nieces!

Dear Winter Sun,
    I can't possibly see a dang thing when you are pulling this crap in the mornings. It's very frustrating, painful, and dangerous.  While I love your warmth, can you tone it back a bit, please? Thanks.

Dear Sara, so tickled to see your new digs this week!  You have such a unique style, it looks really great.  Dear Paulene, Playday tomorrow! Can't wait! AND I get to eat some Lizard's Thicket - oh yeah!  Dear Donna, I'm blaming you for the craving of chocolate chip pizza.... *sigh* so tasty.  Dear Friday's Letter, thank you for introducing me to some super cool people. Dear Cara Box, you are on your merry way to Kansas.  How you managed to link me up to the transplanted Southern gal from my own backyard, I'll never know. But it's so cool! DEAR LONG WEEKEND, oh thank you thank you thank you. Pressed Clovers will have new inventory soon, since I'll be home long enough to work on books! 

Thanks for dropping by and visiting.  Link up yourself with Ashley at Sweet Season!


Thursday, January 17, 2013

Seeing dreams come true!

So today is Thursday...and I've wrapped up my 30 things.  I'm not quite sure what direction I'm going to take Thursdays into for future posts. I'm currently thinking about that.

Today, however, I want to share with all the world how incredibly proud I am of my sister!  She's an excellent teacher - outstanding teacher - and she finally took those first baby steps to post her work on a teacher-based website.


Seriously, this is awesome. Because she is really creative, funny, connects with middle school students and yet gains such respect from them. And now she's finally sharing her skills and talents with others who excel in other areas but may need a little help with the creative part of presenting history.  There is even one Christian based lesson for homeschoolers!

Please go by and check out her stuff.  If you use it - free or paid items - please rate it so she can get accurate feedback on what to change to improve! AND PLEASE SHARE! :) See those share buttons (google+, facebook, etc).  Thank you so very much. :)

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Letters of Love.

If you've been here for a while, you know one of my loves is to write letters. Handwritten letters are just one of those things you carry around in your purse because the person who wrote it cares enough about you to WRITE a letter. I know, it's amazing.

Imagine my joy when I discovered this website where you write letters of love to random people. No seriously, it's awesome. LOVE this concept.

So there is a ... group? Website? Bunch of loopy people like me? who can submit a person they know who needs a love letter. And the rest of us loopy people will write letters to this person!  Letters of support, of understanding, of encouragement, whatever is needed.

You don't actually get their name and address - you send it safely to this group's address and do not include your own contact information. But you do know enough about the person to feel like you can reasonably write a letter for them.

I know, it sounds crazy. But I can think of people in my circle who have had times where a letter from someone saying - I understand, been there done that, burned my t-shirt and look, I managed to come out on the other side - it would have made a difference.

I don't know, I'm going to try it. I've signed up and I'll let you know what I think about it. :)

Monday, January 14, 2013

Muffin & Aunt Ester

Miss Muffin and Aunt Ester.  My mom painted this - one of my favorite paintings.  A lady whom everyone called "Aunt Ester (I love that name)," according to the info that came with the picture she used as a guideline.  For whatever reason, she reminds me of my grandmother - hard worker but still has a smile and sense of humor. I'll be hanging this in my home soon. Until them, Muffin has to endure it propped up on the recliner, one of her many happy spots around the house (always covered in towels to avoid so much cat hair!).

Hope your week is lovely!

Sunday, January 13, 2013


I said this weekend I'd either be chef-y or crafty. I chose crafty. It ended in disaster.

Let me explain. At a family get-together after Christmas, I asked if the deco mesh on the tree was going to be thrown away. Since we were in a community center and my cuz is the facility manager, I figured he would, I saved it from the landfill and it came home with me. It rode around in my backseat for weeks.

This weekend I bought the wire frame to make a wreath, I downloaded a tutorial, I was ready to be crafty.

Muffin was ready to help. I did the pipe cleaners on the wire frame, I started winding my way through...

And it looked horrible. I had tried to use the "puffs" they had already created, but that was too large for my needs. I took all their puffs apart. Tried again. Fail.

I crammed it all in my trunk, which wouldn't even shut, and headed to mom's, where the meads it's right now.

If we manage to make this look like a wreath instead of a slaughtered mermaid, as my sister likes to call it, I'll let you know. Otherwise, consider this project a fail. :(
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Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday's Letter

Dear Muffin, sweet kitten, I know you are thankful for the electric blanket finally getting warm on your side of the bed. And I'm thankful you are no longer lying on top of me. It's hard to breathe with 20+lbs on your chest...

Dear Pressed Clovers, I'm very thankful for the sales this week! I'm so very exited and very honored people are choosing me. :)

Dear Macy - girl, you are so stinkin' cute and funny! My morning visits with you are awesome, I love it! And I'm very thankful for the good news from this week. Whew!

Dear God, thank you for so very much, SO very much. Including the beautiful sunrises and sunsets I get to see on my daily drives... but seriously, so very much.

Dear USPS... seriously? My package was destroyed. Totally opened at the top and ripped down the back. And I received it about 3.5 weeks after it was mailed. And it's missing the letter that was inside. I'm not overly happy about this, just so you know.

Dear Readers... wish me luck as I attempt to be crafty this weekend. Or maybe I'll be chef-y. I'll let you know once I figure out what's on the agenda... Thanks for stopping by for a visit!

Linking up with Ashley at Sweet Season!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Seriously? I know my status.

Hello world. I am single. I'm old and single. And I assure you, I realize my status. No, seriously - I do. I don't need you to remind me with emails from eHarmony and Plenty of Fish.  I don't even need to see the advertisements for Christian Singles or whatever keeps advertising. 

Did the same blonde girl model for every dating site? Just curious. 

Anyway, can I tell you how ironic I've always found it that Plenty Of Fish, when shoved all together, can also read PlentyOffish. HAHAHAHAHA. That's been my online dating experience. Plenty Offish. For one, I don't look like that blonde girl in the least and for two, I seem to attract total freaks who either have a bizarre foot fetish or have to take meds to keep them from barfing, they are so nervous around me. Not kidding here. 

What is it about the new year that makes dating sites kick it into overtime? Obviously this time of year must be one of those lonely seasons and they are pouncing on it. I can't blame them. I'm just tired of it. 

A coworker asked me today if I thought single people who had never married were happier than those who were married. I said probably, based on the divorce rate in this country. She said something about it would be better to have never married or had a family?! Um. Well, I don't know... I didn't go down that route and end up divorced... so... I don't know? I figure, you better be content with what you have because that's where you are. Single? Ok, be single and enjoy the pros of being single. Married? Ok, be married and cherish/love your spouse, work hard at the relationship. Quit thinking the grass is always greener on the other side! 

On another note, TOTALLY changing the subject

I sent two books out int he mail today from Pressed Clovers - one to New York and one to Missouri.  You can see one of them today over on that blog post here.  Please read down to the bottom and leave me a message as to your thoughts on this new addition to my shop.  I can't decide if it's worth pursuing or not... 

The second book was a honeymoon/beach theme and I'll post that up early next week.  My weekend ahead will be working on a few more because my current inventory is severely lacking! A great problem to have! :)

I'm off to get some additional sleep since I've been wide awake night after night these past few days. It's turning me into a zombie!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Holy Cow Batman!

Who out there is a They Might Be Giants fan and knows the line, "Hang On, Hang On, Tight!" Holy cow, Batman, I'm doing my best to just hang on.

I know you are tired of hearing about my Pressed Clovers business at this point, BUT, I have to tell you - I just sold another book today! It's making it's way up to New York tomorrow morning! I'm so excited!  *breathe breathe breathe*

Maybe I shared this with you at some other point, but I prayed for God to make of this what He wanted. If I was going on the right path, please let me know.  I got an order for five books from a friend. But, that was a friend - so maybe it wasn't a sign.  I posted my store online just before my job went crazy and thankful He knew it would have been my breaking point to have a sale during that time.

But since then... a book sale. Then another, another and another! I'm totally doing the Cabbage Patch of Victory (it's a sight, you should see it!). So tonight I'm heading home to finish up some books and get them in the mail tomorrow morning. :)

Whew. Sorry to bore you with that, but I was about to explode so I had to share!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Motivation... oh where have you gone?

Sunrise this morning, looking across the road from my house

"I will greet this day with love in my heart. And how will I do this? Henceforth will I look on all things with love and be born again. I will love the sun for it warms my bones; yet I will love the rain for it cleanses my spirit. I will love the light for it shows me the way; yet I will love the darkness for it shows me the stars. I will welcome happiness as it enlarges my heart; yet I will endure sadness for it opens my soul. I will acknowledge rewards for they are my due; yet I will welcome obstacles for they are my challenge."  -- Og Mandino

I haven't been motivated to do much in the past few weeks. I haven't started cleaning up and cleaning out and simplifying this way. I haven't even packed up Christmas yet. What am I saying - I'm still listening to Christmas music!! I think the drama is beginning to weigh on me again - the worries we have happening with health issues in the family. :(  Please say a prayer for my family and God will know exactly where all to apply it. Thank you.

This little girl is the light of our lives. Granted she refuses to sleep at night and isn't the light of her mama and daddy's lives at the moment, but she is so joyous. Do you see her little toothie in the pic on the left? One little toothie has poked out. My oh my, she's not a happy teether.  But thankfully we've found a gel that works and Sister Beth gave us some teething tablets by that same company that works, too. I'll find the name and share with you later - all natural! So that made us all a bit happier.

Any suggestions on getting a 6-month-old to sleep through the night? Please share. She hates her crib at home and refuses to sleep in it. Play in it - yes. Sleep - no.

In other news, I'm working on my first ever Cara Box! I have a few ideas I have to work on this weekend so it's ready to mail soon! I need to read those directions again... but anyway, I'm so excited! I have been given Amy to send a Cara Box to with New Year's Resolutions in it... and she's a Carolina Gal living in Kansas! So I plan to help her remember all about the Greatness that is South Carolina!! :) :)  Lovin' it already.

*sigh* Ok, I'm off to do something ... not sure what but something. Motivate me, ya'll... help me out here! :)

Monday, January 7, 2013

Mid-Morning Muffin Monday

I'm not sure if this is entertainment or torture for a sweet kitty... I got another bird feeder for Christmas and moved it pretty close to the window for Muffin. She is ready for a snack, let me tell you! And she hates being separated from her delicious dish by a pane of glass.  So maybe it wasn't quite as entertaining as I thought it would be... sorry Muffin.

I added pictures of the new book I made for my mom on the Pressed Clovers blog.  I post pictures of the books I'm working on or have finished up there. I really need to get my booty into gear and finish up some other books, but it hasn't happened.

Yesterday I spent the afternoon and evening with my friend, Hayes. He is a guru of many things, including photography, so he took time to teach me this new camera I bought to replace my favorite one that died. I'm feeling much more confident about this camera now. He's also a guru of the grill and I benefit from that with a delicious steak dinner! Oh man, so good. So awesome - I love having talented friends! :)

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Forever Family

For whatever reason, God seems to be bringing adoption to my attention. I don't think it's a message for me to adopt, but I do believe it's for some plan.

It began with a blog I stumbled across just as the family was preparing to bring home two children from Russia. I love seeing their adventures and the love in their family.

This week I stumbled on another one where the family is trying to raise money to begin the adoption process. It's expensive. Like $30,000 expensive. And I thought-I can't do much to help with a number like that. But I can give a little. And I did.

When I worked for United Way, I saw how lots of little gifts could add up quickly. So I have faith my little gift will be used to help them reach their goal.

I'm not sure what it all means in the greater picture for me, but I felt compelled to share with you. I hope it touches your heart like it has mine. :)
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