Thursday, December 6, 2012

Thirty Things on Thursday

Today's Question: 

19. If you could live anywhere, where would it be and why?
Right where I am.  I love being steps away from my sister & nieces, my mom & dad.  If I had a larger house right on this same spot, it would come with stipulations - like I'd want someone to clean it for me, too.  So I'd even keep my little house that I am totally in love with.

I dated a guy who completely could not understand why I would want to live in my parents' front yard.  He'd tell me I didn't REALLY live on my own, I lived in fear of my parents' opinions, I couldn't be myself. Blah blah blah. Why didn't I move, live away from them, experience what it was really like to be independent.  Blah blah blah.

Why would I want to move away from the people who love me most just to experience life without them? Life without them will come soon enough. I don't need to live in an apartment surrounded by strangers to feel independent.   I don't need the freedom to "do what I want" ... if I want to do something that I wouldn't want them to see, should I be doing it anyway? Probably not. So I don't feel stifled or smothered. At least, not often. :)

If you want to see the beginning of this line of questioning, please feel free to click here to see the first posting. Question 20 will be coming up next week! 

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