Monday, December 17, 2012

Memorial Monday

This is all over Facebook, The Elf on the Shelf
honoring the victims of Sandy Hook Elementary.

I know, today is Muffin Monday and I usually post an adorable picture of my sweet kitten for the world to see.

But today, I just don't have it in me.  For whatever reason, it's like I have a delayed reaction to the Sandy Hook sadness.  I didn't see much of it this weekend until last night and this morning.  And now, it's like a heaviness sitting on my chest - a sadness smothering me. I can't imagine those families, how they'll endure Christmas, how they will be strong for their other children, how they are even breathing at this point.  Beyond our understanding... so ... sad.  And that is so inadequate of a description.

Things that give hope in this bleakness - the #20things / #26things aspect of paying goodness forward (although I believe it should be #27things and include the mother, who was also an innocent victim).  Already Twitter is alight with the good deeds people are doing in honor of those lost in this tragic event.  Honestly, we should be doing good deeds anyway, paying goodness forward because it's the right thing to do.  Showing love and spreading joy.  But it's so touching to see people going out and deliberately doing good in honor of those lost. The impact of their lives are like ripples across this nation, setting off good deeds from coast to coast.

Conversations need to be had but not today. I'm sick of hearing people scream from both sides of the spectrum.  Give it a rest today. Let's honor the people we no longer have with us today, honor those who were so brave in the face of evil, honor those who carry images with them they'll never forget.  And let's have a moment to mourn as a nation for the loss of innocence on so very many levels.

I'm looking to God, asking for Him to provide comfort, hope, peace, and love during this time.  I'm counting my blessings and hugging my nieces. I'm doing my best to focus on the good in this nation.  The sadness is easily overwhelming but there is good, too. Lord, I believe You can bring together good in any situation, so I choose to look for the good.

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  1. Very well said. God always has a way of working good out of what we see as unexplained evil. I feel the same as this overwhelming sadness is pressing upon my heart and physically made me sick this past weekend. I cried when I drove away from school this morning dropping my children off because of the way those parents must feel today. I pray for those families and each person who has been touched by this overwhelming sadness.


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