Thursday, December 13, 2012

Thirty Things - 20 & 21

I'm sure I missed another week somewhere in there, so you really wanted two questions this week, right?  I'm ready to wrap this up but since I committed to it, I'll see it out to the full 30 questions.

20: Describe 3 significant memories from your childhood. I'm really bad about memories like this, but I'll do what I can. 

  1. I was just a little thing, LITTLE thing, and my older brother, Dad and I were down at the shop when my Mom came down the path to tell Clay (my brother) he had strep throat and would need to go back to the doctor for a shot. He was little, too and upset about the shot aspect (imagine!) so he did what most little kids do... he started crying. Which totally broke my heart I was so sad for him.
  2. When I was five-years-old, my sister was born.  I don't remember much about Mom being pregnant, except Dad called her "junior" all the time... Anyway, I suppose the night she was born my parents dropped us (my brother and I) off with my aunt & uncle while they went to the hospital. I woke up in sometime in the night, in a different house, and this little church with stained glass windows was turned on so that multicolored lights shone out of the windows. It was so beautiful to me and I just laid there looking at it until I went back to sleep. (My sister was born in December, so it was a Christmas decoration my aunt had put out for the holidays).
  3. I guess I was in first grade or so and had to ride the bus to school with everything from first grade to high school. These three high school aged brothers were bad to the bone and feared by most everyone in the community.  Lucky me, I ended up with a seating assignment beside one of them.  I had this ratty fake fur coat that looked like apossum fur that I huddled up around me and tried my best to stay warm on that cold bus.  I was sitting on the heater, totally blocking all the hot air to the rest of the bus, when someone thought they were going to talk smack to me about it.  For whatever reason, that big bad boy stood up and threatened anyone try and make me move.  He was the oldest brother - the biggest and meanest brother - and he was my personal hero. He looked out for me the rest of the time. 
21:  If you could have one superpower, what would it be and what would you do with it first?  Ok, call me a total dork, but I'm not sure I want a super power. Because with any power comes drawbacks or consequences so you know... I think I'll stay like I am.  Unless losing weight is a superpower. Then I'm totally game. Pass the chocolate cake, please!


  1. Yes, my superpower would be a fantastic, amazing metabolism.

  2. Hi!! I wanted to let you know I have tagged you for Christmas Tag!! Check out my blog and find out what I mean. :) Have a great day!!



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