Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas in Review.

So you may or may not realize I have no internet access at my house outside of my phone. When I take pictures with a real camera, I have to wait until I come to work to place these pics into a blog for you. Tragic, I know.  You've been waiting for my Christmas pictures.

Wait no longer, they are here.

We have several aunts, uncles, and cousins over to my mom's house on Christmas Eve for some tasty Christmas lunch and a gift swap.  It began with only 10 of us and as we've married, had kids, etc it's grown to about 20 or so.  Sometimes more, sometimes less... Anyway, enjoy some pics of that event!

This gift swap is always the most fun, with such a random assortment of gifts.  The lady in white above, my aunt, always gets the crazy gifts my brother puts in and it never matches up to her personality. Such as the light up Playboy Bunny logo. Or the Pussycats "get in shape" video by learning to pole dance. It never fails. She always gets his gift.

Moving on to Christmas morning... my brother, sister-in-law, sister, brother-in-law, niece AH, niece Macy, aunt Linda and my parents and I were all together at about 7:30 that morning.  I have no idea when AH woke her family up but I feel like it was pretty early! hee hee... I woke up crazy early, but enjoyed a hot bath with the lights from my tree twinkling in the living room. It was so nice and peaceful.  I ended it in the same way. Sometimes living alone has major perks!

 Sister-in-law and brother

 Macy after a Christmas morning nap

 Pop's ornament this year, featuring an Allis Chalmers tractor. 

 Sister and Brother-in-law.  He got a West Virginia beer glass. Can you tell he's a WV fan?

 Aunt Linda with the present we gave her - cats with magnetic clothes!
What more could a person want than cats with clothes? 

 Dad opening his green bowl from AH.  They have a fight over the only green pottery dessert dish in the house... so she bought another so that they have two!

 My niece, AH, being so like herself.  She's propped up on her present that she was DYING to open... it was a game chair!

 Mom and her palmetto dish - so pretty!

 AH and her new purse!

Sister-in-law and brother. We all get new ornaments every year. :) 

We had a GREAT Christmas.  A little stressed with the concerns over dad (his last treatment was yesterday and that went fairly well).  Angela, my sister-in-law, had several family health concerns that weighed heavily on all of us.  We've noticed how many people have passed this holiday season, it's just odd.  We think the world should be happy and healthy during Christmas, but that isn't how life works, now is it?  But we were all together, we had a great time just enjoying our family and that night I told God how incredibly thankful I am for the many blessings given to me. This family being one HUGE blessing. 

Hope your holidays were as merry as mine... for all the right reasons. :) I've been enjoying your holiday posts, hope to see some more soon! :)   

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