Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Camera Woes.

Did I tell you my camera died? It was my good camera - ok, not an SLR but still my GOOD camera. It died. Kicked the bucket. Kaput. Goner. You have never seen someone so sad as when I realized it was gone because I knew I didn't possess the funds to replace it the way I'd like to do. *sniff sniff*

After MUCH deliberation, and I mean serious deliberation and conversations with everyone on Facebook and one seriously long discussion with my buddy, Hayes, I chose the Canon S100. Um. I'm not exactly thrilled, the zoom isn't as good and the flash isn't as good, and you know, I just want my old camera that I understand back (but being told it would take at least $200 IF it could be repaired... yeah no.)

HOWEVER, it does exactly what Hayes said it would do - takes great pics in low light. And makes Macy look even cuter, which is definitely a requirement, right? And I can toss it in my purse, which isn't something I could do with me old one.  So here are a few of the first pictures taken.  I'll give it a real review after Hayes teaches me how to use it.

With the flash. Umm.. a little too bright. Sorry Macy!

The last two were taken with just a lamp on in the room - not even the overhead lights. And she's just adorably cute, so... I think it will be ok until I can afford something bigger/better.  Especially after learning more from the master himself. :)  I'm so glad I have smart friends to help me with these stressful decisions!

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