Friday, December 21, 2012

Friday's Letter

Dear sweet niece Macy, you are so dang adorable! I'm looking forward to seeing you celebrate your first Christmas. Enjoy the diapers I'm giving you. :)  Dear Sister, I hope you loved your birthday weekend - welcome to "old age" at 32!  Dear Daddy, I'm so very thankful your treatment went better this time.  And to everyone keeping him in your prayers, thank you!!! Please pray the day after Christmas will be just as easy - and will be his last one! Dear Melissa, I miss you bunches and am so thankful we had lunch this week! LOVE my Hello Kitty Chia Pet - you rock! :), I'm SO EXCITED that I've been chosen for a Holiday VoxBox. My first box!!! Can't wait to review it. (Yes I know half the world was chosen, but who cares! I'm excited!)

Dear Donna & Ellie, I'm so glad ya'll came over for the yearly visit with mom. She really enjoys seeing how much Ellie has grown and how smart she is! It cracks me up when Ellie acts like Muffin. HAHA.  Dear Pressed Clover Customer, You are my first customer who doesn't know me - who I honestly believe is going to purchase a book!! I'm working hard to finish it before Monday!  Dear Christmas, I just don't feel like it's Christmas. I think somewhere along the line, our priorities as a society got out of whack and we are missing the point.  I apologize for that, because I know I'm guilty of this, too.  I wish we would have bypassed all the gifts and focused instead on this miracle of this beautiful birth, this gift from God Himself of his only child, and marveled at how amazingly wonderful this gift truly is to us.  I wish we would have focused on enjoying time together instead of what gift we are receiving.  Maybe we can spend 2013 remembering this each day so that Christmas doesn't run away with us again.

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