Friday, December 14, 2012

Friday's Letters

Dear Christmas, I'm really excited about you this year! Not so much last year, but my priorities weren't in the proper order.  This year, I appreciate you so much more for the right reasons. Dear Heat in my Office, please please please unfreeze and kick back in! This is day two of cccooolllddd temps indoors and it's killing me. (I wore flip flops today! ACK!)

Dear Creative Juices, I'm excited about these new Christmas ornaments!!  So easy, so fun, YAY! I learned all about them from The Ornament Girl's Blog, found here.  Other tutorials, too!  Dear Cancer, you suck. Just an FYI. Dear People Who Pray, thank you.  Your prayers have meant the world... God is listening! Dear God, thanks for that awesome display last night.  I felt so close to you praying underneath a sky of falling stars, like you were shouting for joy as I spoke. And I also know you've got this in your hands.

Dear Etsy,  I love you coolness.  And I love the awesome shop owners with their neat-o ideas, customized orders and FREE GIFTS!  *sigh* How wonderful is that??  Check out the store of my most recent purchase (this takes you to her sold items since she's on vacation right now... you can get an idea of her awesomeness).  Dear readers, Thanks for swinging by and checking the blog out... feel free to say HAY!  :)


  1. The sky's were beautiful last night. So happy that I was up SUPER early to see them. :)

    I hope all is well. It's amazing how God works and how he talks to our hearts. He is amazing!!


  2. Dear Beth, thank you for such a lovely post.


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