Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Breathe Beth, Breathe...

Ohmygosh ohmygosh ohmygosh.

OK, so this morning one of the folks I follow, Mrs. Laura over at Mouse in the Kitchen wrote about how starting a blog has taught her bravery and thus she is opening her own store, Designs by Mouse, right there on the corner of her blog.  It has adorable ruffled scarves there right now, for everyone to go check out!  Just click right here!

I totally understand her fears of putting your creations out there to the public and announcing - HERE I AM, YOU GREAT BIG WORLD! PLEASE LIKE ME AND MY STUFF.  I took a similar step this year, just before election time (am I CRAZY?!) and opened my very own Etsy store called Pressed Clovers.

It was so scary. What if everyone laughed and whispered behind my back? What if no one liked my idea or everyone else's ideas were better than mine? All these insecurities bubbled up, but I took the step anyway.

My shop isn't fancy. It has no cool header - much like this blog - no cool header. I don't know how to add that stuff so it never got added. But, it still showcases my products... little pieces of me.

And I have had friends believe in me - oh my, have I had friends believe in me!! Paulene (check out her cool store here - she cheered me on from the first time I uttered the thoughts of opening an online store.  And Grace - she has single-handedly kept me in business! Even trusted me enough to make gifts for her co-workers, which really touched me.

But today. Today I received a convo from a perfect stranger. Someone I've never met but likes my books and wanted to ask about ordering two. Not that she will - she may not. But, she asked. A stranger. *sniff sniff*  I'm getting all emotional because someone LIKES ME! SHE REALLY LIKES ME! (or my stuff, really, but I am my stuff!!!)  This is what she liked - my Christmas Scrapbook.  I'm happy, can you tell?

I admire people who can put themselves out there with total confidence. I admire small business owners and independent stores who are living the dream everyday, despite the fact the dream comes with a lot of realities. My hat goes off to every single one of you. And I also cheer each person who shops with these stores, shops and independent owners, because YOU are making their dreams come true. :)


  1. How wonderful!!! I had my first photography session with a total stranger (not a colleague or a friend of a colleague), it was nerve wracking, but she loved my photos!

    1. YAY! That is awesome! But look at your photography - it is BEAUTIFUL! You are so very talented and it's time for the world to see it. (and then purchase it ha ha!)

  2. Aw you are so brave too!! I am so proud of you!!:)

    I am so sure you are going to do super great!! If you want anytime you can do a guest post on my blog about your store!! I don't know if it will help any but I would love to help you get the word out there about it!!

    Laura :)

    1. AWww... thank you!!! That is so nice of you! Let me know when you make your first sale and I'll celebrate with you!

  3. Congratulations on the opening of your store! I'm sure it will be successful because you are passionate about what you do. :)

    First time stopping by and I'll look forward to looking through the goodies in your store!

    Enjoy the season!


    1. Thank you, Leslie, that really means a lot! Please stop by here or there anytime, you are welcome!


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