Sunday, December 2, 2012

Love a good weekend

What a great weekend! Dinner, movie, two parades, Christmas decorating, Christmas lights... Seriously great weekend!

Friday: Dinner at Kanapi and the movie Lincoln, only after posing with Hello Kitty!

Saturday: Finally got my tree up, hooray! Watched my niece in a Christmas parade while my other niece slept. :) And that night I found an awesome light display!

Today, Katie and I decided to add some encouragement and excitement to AH's presence in another parade...muhahahaha. Tiaras, air horns, and pompoms!

It was great fun...oddly our tiaras received all kind of attention from people waiting for the parade and people in the parade! It was interesting... Odd. But fun.

And now, now it is time to get my laundry hung up, load the dishwasher, and get ready for Monday. See you here in the morning for Muffin Monday!
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