Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What do you see.

I have been working on the "Positive Attitude" part of my life - mainly through appreciation.  Appreciating the small stuff, the big stuff, the blessings, the close calls, and so on and so forth.

Often times, with all this being said, it's hard to appreciate myself. To appreciate the compliments, the skills and talents I've been given, to believe I have MUCH worth in God's eyes - that He loves me the way I am because He is the one that made me!

A friend on Facebook posted this link and WOW, it's good. You need to read it. You need to look at it and appreciate what it is saying. I haven't read the comments or even looked anywhere else on the page. Just enjoyed the one entry that spoke loud and clear.

The LORD does not look at the things people look at.
People look at the outward appearance,
but the LORD looks at the heart.
(1 Samuel 16:7b)

*sigh* Makes you feel good, doesn't it? It sure did me.


Had a WONDERFUL dinner with my brother and sister-in-law last night at their house. It was so nice to just sit around the dinner table or stand around the kitchen and TALK. Just talk and talk - about insurance woes and travel plans and allergies and animals - just about life. AND I got to play with Spoof, Snowflake, Chloe Bella, and Kelly! :)  It was a really great time, a great memory and I'm so thankful to have them in my life.  My family is just amazing - one of the best gifts God has given to me. :) 

I will now advise all of you to go to this link, shared with me by Angela, and enjoy these two children's extreme joy over this book about Pete the Cat's White Shoes. It will get completely stuck in your head, so join me in singing, "I love my white shoes. I love my white shoes!"

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