Saturday, April 30, 2011


It's almost like a big wrapped box with a brightly tied bow on top. You want to shake it, listen to it, see how heavy it is, turn it around and upside down, poke at it and sniff it. What is it? Hm... so I ask for a hint:
  • We are going on a tour
  • About an hour away
  • Do you like boats?
  • We may get dirty
  • But I can still wear my flip flops
I'm not really sure these are good hints because I have no idea where we are heading this morning. It's been driving me crazy, really!  I had to lay down some quick no-nos: I don't like zoos - they make me sad, I don't do heights, and I'm not a "lets-go-on-a-hike" kinda girl.

So I've been told to bring a camera and not to worry about the rest. Instead of sitting here telling you about it, I better be hitting the shower and getting ready! :)   Hope you have a wonderful weekend and I'll let you know where I end up!

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