Thursday, April 28, 2011

So Thankful. So So Thankful.

I can't begin to grasp the full scale of what all has happened in the past 48 hours.  So many lives have been impacted.  The losses continue to rise as communities begin to dig out from underneath the rubble. 

To hear from my friend outside of Tuscaloosa who is safe, her home is fine - it was such a relief. Knowing I'll be visiting her in less than a month, I just can't wait to give her the biggest of hugs.

It so sad that I need something like to serve as a reminder of what is important in life. These everyday little dramas are completely immaterial. They are nothing. And they do not deserve the energy and attention that they often receive.

While I say thank you, Lord, for keeping my loved one safe, I ask for you to comfort so many who have lost so much - please help these communities rebuild on all levels.  They need Your strength.

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