Sunday, April 17, 2011

For America

Red White and Blue! The Stars & Stripes. Waves of Amber Grain. Old Glory. I love it all. 

I'm a freaky Patriotic person with few outlets to show my love of country.  I *heart* our troops and pray for them and their families.  I *heart* the USO and promote and support them. And I make cards and send them to veterans and current service persons both. It started my sophomore year in high school when we went into Desert Storm.  Our class adopted several soldiers and I sent letters to two. I made friendship bracelets of red white blue and yellow.  One guy actually received special permission to wear his with his uniform, which made my heart swell! I have the matching one I made for myself here somewhere, along with the letters we wrote back and forth.

I was in the dollar store this week and I always check out the books - you never know what you'll find in that random assortment. I found "For America. Simple Things Each of Us Can Do to Make Our Country Better."  I've enjoyed reading it. Not that I believe all of these things - I think there could have been some better options than a few that were chosen - but it's awesome to see someone take the time to think of ways (simple ways) we can improve our country.

I recommend it - by Sacha Zimmerman, although to look at the dust jacket you'd think it was written by Presidents GH Bush and W J Clinton - but nope, they only did a forward.  Regardless, it's a pretty decent book for a buck! 

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