Saturday, April 16, 2011

Just say NO to Casablanca.

Yeah yeah, I realize I'm the only American in this great nation who just doesn't appreciate Casablanca.  I was inspired to watch the old greats in the film industry - starting with Casablanca. But I just couldn't do it. After being lost for about 30 minutes, it had to go. Maybe I'll find another film great that will impress me... but Casablanca isn't it. :(

I'm really happy with all the great friend-visits this past week (Gary, Sara, Donna) and then discovering my company name - yay! Gary and I had movie night (just say NO to Casablanca), Sara and I did a play and dinner (just say NO to The Country Wife) and Donna and I shopped. Shopping is good!

And yes, you read it right - after some debate, indecision and stress over what to name my side venture of fun - my over-sized craft project of registry books - I've decided to go with the name Pressed Clovers.  Much like searching for those 4-leaf clovers and placing those found treasures between the pages of large book to preserve, I hope my books will be pages filled with sweet treasured memories that will preserve the moments leading up to weddings and babies. Thankfully Paulene of Leen Machine has agreed to do a logo (thank heavens!) that I'll share soon. :)

On an unrelated note: I'm so thankful those horrible storms passed us over today.  We had the wind and a little rain, but thankfully missed the tornadoes that ripped up the Midwest.  I'm ready for the weather to settle down and allow me to sleep without fear of flying through the air in the middle of the night. I even wear different clothes to bed. Have to look good if I'm going to be sucked up out of y house...

Ok ladies and gents - I'm heading for bed. I'm wiped out and smiling and ready for some ZZzzzzzssss....

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