Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Covered in Cheese.

I believe if we could somehow cover the world in cheese we would all get along so much better. Not agreeing? Easy enough - here have some cheese. Would you like that in cubes, sticks or in sauce form? Sauce form, please. 

Forget Coke. Cheese could bring harmony to the world! 

(guess what I had for lunch...)


I've been writing in my Thankful Journal - part of my "appreciation" word for this year.  I also put my prayer requests in there as a way to remember all those things I wanted to focus on at the end of the day.  One that has been frequently popping into my head is Forgiveness.  Not one of those topics I'm really good at - forgiving people. Well, that's not true. It's forgiving people I just don't like. So I'm hoping to overcome this major flaw in my personality with some help.  :)  Maybe I need to offer them some cheese and we'll see harmony as a result! 

I haven't been as appreciative as I believe I need to be for the blessings in my life. So I'll try to refocus on telling people Thank You and acknowledging the small and large blessings that are given to me on a daily basis. :)  It's a good thing. I'm lovin' positivity! 

(Reminds me of Pete the Cat when he stepped in strawberries while wearing his new white shoes.  And did Pete cry? Goodness no! He just kept walking along, singing his song - I love my red shoes, I love my red shoes! )

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  1. I agree - cheese could solve most of the world's problems, or at least we'd be a lot happier while solving them.


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