Thursday, April 7, 2011


I'm not sure that's a real word, "Positivity?" POSITIVITY! Whatever, I love it, so it a word in my book.

I love positive things, happy things, things that make me want to SING, things that make the sun feel brighter! I enjoy JOY. :)

Today kicked off the first Females in Business meeting with guest speaker Denise Price Thomas. The thing she said that made the most impact was this:

If someone gave you $1440 in your bank account every day, could you find a way to spend that money every day?

In the same concept, God deposits 1440 minutes into your "time account" every day.  How are you spending them? And once they are gone, they are gone, so are you making wise choices with you moments?

I love it. It goes back to that re-evaluating priorities and how to make choices. Something I've been thinking about and playing with in the back of my mind.  So it was like a *smack smack* to the face! WAKE UP!

So I'm going to work on cutting out the whining, complaining, getting irritated and aggravated.  And focus instead on JOY, HAPPINESS, LOVE, BLESSINGS, FAMILY, FRIENDS, SUNSHINE & GIGGLES, RAINBOWS & LAUGHTER.

Positivity.  1440 minutes of positivity a day. :)  Join me?

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