Monday, April 2, 2018

It's not real.

Whew - I've so much on my mind.  Have wanted to dump it all here for a while, but could never summon the energy to do so.  For a while now, I've been addicted to YouTube for entertainment at night.  It started with Santa bringing me a Kindle Fire, which allows me to lay in bed and watch movies/clips/etc forever.  and ever.  Allllllll night.  I'm not sleeping anyway, why not watch videos?

So my dirty little secret or embarrassing indulgence... Vampire Diaries. I can't find full episodes for free so I try to piece together snippets from each episode, sometimes getting them out of order and missing huge chunks of the story.  I thought I had a clue of the story line, only to find another snippet that put me in a tail spin. Ugh.  I'm getting Netflix and binge watching soon.

Let me tell you, though, what I've learned from watching a show on a tablet all the time:

  1. My life is boring. Usually I'm ok with that, but after seeing the glam and excitement of staking out bad vampires and werewolf things, I was getting very disappoint and dissatisfied with my boring self and my boring life. Which I finally wizened up and realized....
  2. No one works, cleans, washes the sheets they all roll around in, showers, goes to the bathroom, suffers from allergies, goes clothes shopping, struggles to find a bathing suit that fits, DIES and stays dead, wonders where these high school students are in the middle of the night... or the next day at school, pays the mortgage, scrambles to pay the electric bill, etc etc etc etc etc...
  3. Everyone looks perfect, even if they've been stabbed, shot, if they are mad, sleep deprived, sad, lonely, confused - they just look so hot doing it all. Even on my best day, I don't look hot. Well, unless I'm outside sweating, and then I'm not happy that I'm hot. 
  4. If you want to look hot, you must pull some of your hair in front of your shoulders. Just something I've noticed. 
  5. When they kiss, they never miss. Never crash noses. Or crash teeth. Or accidentally whack foreheads.  Nope. They are just that good. 
  6. This crap isn't real in any way shape or form. So why did I let it make me feel dissatisfied with my life? Watch the bloopers, see how often the sneeze, burp, flub the lines, miss the target, get frustrated... it's all crap. You know, in case you didn't realize vampires weren't real? 
How on earth did I get wrapped up in this crap? But now I want to know the storyline... so Netflix, here I come. As soon as I finish True Blood (hahaha!) and I'm not a vampire fan AT ALL.  Not a SciFi fan - is that considered SciFi? I don't even know what all is SciFi but I know I don't usually like it. Unless it's Iron Man because... well, it's Iron Man. 

Ok ya'll, I'm headed home.  :)   to do everyday normal people stuff, like clean up my kitchen. 

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