Saturday, September 30, 2017

On the road again

Thanks to my work schedule, vacation happened in August instead of June. We feared the temps at the beach in August would be brutal. Instead, this is the best weather I've ever experienced at the beach in summertime! So thankful! Cool temps and low humidity. Yeah! 

That also means I spent more time on the beach than normal so I'm a lobster in places. Complete with water blisters. From day one. The joys of being a pasty white girl. I'll say this, however - the Young Living sunscreen impressed me enough to use it on Macy. Just don't try to apply it to your back without help. 

This child loved the beach! Where we go has a river that dumps into the ocean and the water is so calm on that point. So no breakers, just gentle water. She played and played. When we went walking on the beach, we found some waves for her to hop over. Is she not the cutest thing? 

These painted rocks are popping up everywhere. This came from our beach shopping trip at the grocery store.

This discovery happened in Gaffney, SC, at the Clock restaurant. 

This one at the Schiele Museum in Gastonia, NC. I'll admit, we left the spider. 

I actually love the painted rocks - they are usually linked to Facebook somehow - and it gets people interested in new communities and art activities. 

Both sweet nieces were home last week - so glad they have each other. 10 years between them hasn't been much of an issue yet. Hoping that continues. It's always good to have AH home. As she's become a teenager, her free time disappeared and it's rarer for us to see her.  Her little sister is crazy about her!! 

These cuties!!! I was blessed with three days close together of sweet nephew love. Most of our time together looked just like this - a blur of activity! Those two are so much fun and such blessings to our family! Such sweet boys, blessings from the Lord, most definitely. I like to watch them when they spot their mama or daddy when they've been out-of-sight for awhile. Their entire body lights up with happiness and excitement! 

Another sweetie whom I adore, little Miss Paige! Took advantage of some overtime hours and scheduled a day off to visit friends. And babies. :)  God blessed me with the people who have stayed close to me in life - this girl is one of those people. And watching her family grow has been a huge gift. She's crazy talented and a great mama. 

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