Friday, February 8, 2013

Friday's Letter

Dear Sweet Niece #2, you are too cute for your own good.  I love visiting you every morning before work. I love you!  Sweet Niece #1, so glad you are coming home this weekend! :) I miss you when you aren't here. I love you, too, wild child!

Cara Box

Dear Cara Box partner, Kelly, you are awesome. I was pretty discouraged after signing up for Cara Box this month, only to hear the theme is #ClubSexy.  It just seemed to heighten my awareness that I'm single, and the only #ClubSexy in my house would be expenive kitty treats for Muffin. But you are awesome for shrugging that off and saying it's all about pampering you! (or me...) So thanks for that. :)  And Anna, I'm looking forward to creating a box for you! :) 

Dear Edisto, I'm soooo looking forward to frying on your beaches, then relaxing in the beach house. Please let me surivive until then. 

Dear Sherry, the countdown is on!! I'll be hanging out on your back porch very soon! Can't wait! :) 

Dear Readers - I've so enjoyed "meeting" so many wonderful people online. You are inspiring in so many ways! :) 

Head over to Sweet Season and link up with everyone else! :) 


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  1. I love your letter. Jealous of your trip to the beaches. Your nieces are SOOO cute.


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