Sunday, February 24, 2013

Why Am I Awake?

I'm sprawled out on the couch watching the Oscars, as if I care who wins what. I don't even know the majority of the actors, movies, etc! So why am I still sitting here instead of sleeping?

The only thing I can figure is
1) I have slept for three days straight. 11 hours a night and another 5+ hours during the day. This cold had kicked my butt.

2) I love tweeting about it as if I knew what I was talking about. Hee hee.

So here I am, watching these same four or so movies being cheered for over and over.

And I must be bored because I keep coming back to this one thought: I bet these people don't have to battle lady bugs in their houses...


  1. I'm watching, too and I haven't seen a one of these movies. I guess I'm just waiting for a disaster to happen so that I can see it in real time. :)

    1. Did you see the girl trip on the stairs? Her dress was beautiful but...


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