Monday, February 25, 2013

Happy Birthday, Sweet Niece!

Sweet niece number one turned 11 this weekend... 11! How could this be! AH came into our family when she was 7-years-old and my she has grown. I'm so proud of her; she's smart, funny, quick-witted and pretty.

Photos above:
1). AH's tie dye cake! Another Pintrest inspiration successfully executed!
2). The cool tie dye icing
3). The family shot
4). Top view of the cake before stacking and icing. Can you tell we are proud of how it turned out?
5). The birthday girl!!
6). Her gift, a jar filed with pink rice. Her presents are hidden inside!
7). Birthday girl and another gift, a ruffle scarf.

I think she really enjoyed her birthday. We are so thankful to have her as part of our family! She adds lots of energy and pizzaz! :)

And because today is Monday!... Here is Muffin!

So thrilled to have me home sick two days this past week. Ha!

Happy week, everyone!

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