Wednesday, May 25, 2011


The most beautiful discovery true friends make is that they can grow separately without growing apart.  ~Elisabeth Foley

This quote describes Sherry and I perfectly.  When she moved to Alabama, our lives may have been separated but our friendship never faltered.  I stepped off that train in Tuscaloosa and it was like we had never parted.  We immediately picked up the conversation, hopped into the car and headed for McDonald's. It is such a true and special friendship, it's a total blessing to have her in my life.

Even as I walked into her home for the first time, I felt like we'd been housemates for years. Made myself at home, scattered my clothes all over the bedroom, shed hair all over the bathroom - her home was my home and I never once doubted it.  Glenn, her husband, came home from delivering cross country and he just became one more housemate. We all had the best times sitting on the deck and just catching up. The dogs would run around or lay beside us and Chester, the cat, would hang on the deck with us.  When it got too hot, we'd move in and bring all the animals with us (Sam, Julie, Chester and Miss Kitty). 

The coolest part about it is that Sherry is still Sherry. She's the same person I have known from day one. The person I grew to appreciate, then grew to love and care about deeply.  She's one of a kind in the best of all ways - a person you can depend on and trust with no reservations.  This weekend with her was heaven sent and has become part of my special memories.  You just can't find better people than her. :)  Thanks for being a wonderful friend, Sherry!

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