Friday, February 22, 2013

Friday's Letter

Dear nasty cold, please remove me from your evil clutches. I feel like poo, isn't that enough for you?

Dear Ultra Soft Kleenex, you are my friend. I adore you and my nose does, too.

Dear weird tree, you are being shipped to my Cara Box partner this month. I struggled with the theme this month, so I hope she likes it.

Dear Macy, I am missing you, sweet girl. But I can't risk giving this to you. :( I must get welk quick I'm having withdrawals.

Dear peeps, aka YOU, I know so many people struggling, as we all do at some time in life. Please share your favorite Bible verse below that may help someone get over the hump. Mine is above. Thank you!

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  1. I really like the tree. I am sad that you aren't my partner. Maybe next month.

    Stopping by from the Sweet Season


  2. I love me som Psalm 23. Fell better girl. Romans has many great scriptures as well.


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